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Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2021

Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2021

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Tired of searching through endless Pinterest boards and forums?  We don’t blame you.

The kitchen is such a popular space in the remodeling market that there are tons of ideas and sample projects out there.  Every year there are new trends, and every year something goes out of fashion.  Though it’s been a long year we have seen some clear trends emerge in the kitchen remodeling space in 2019.

Do you want some help figuring out the latest trends in the world of kitchen renovation?  Listed below are some of the design ideas that have made their mark this year.


Tech-Savvy Kitchen


At this point, nothing has been left untouched by the spectacular growth of technology.  The rising tide has lifted all the boats with it. And the good old kitchen hasn’t been left behind by any standards. The appliances are constantly getting better with smart stoves and ovens (which are much safer than their traditional counterparts). Most of the elements of a modern kitchen, including the lighting, can now be remotely controlled with an app. 

Some great examples of just how technologically savvy the kitchen has become are the new smart refrigerators in the market. Take a look at Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, for instance. It features a touch screen, interior cameras, and WiFi connectivity.

It is quite obvious at this moment that the trend of our kitchens getting smarter isn’t going to die down anytime soon, at least not until the kitchen is fully automated. So, are you going to jump on the bandwagon or be left behind?


Darken It Up


White cabinets have ruled the land for a very long time.  Even when their popularity dipped, they were still ‘in vogue’.  However, the trends have changed this year and darker themes are in.

Dark jewel tones have been making their way into the kitchen with tones such as black, navy, emerald green, etc.  The white cabinetry may have added a minimalist feel to the space, but the new and darker tones provide a dramatic and luxurious feel to it.

The pitfall to avoid here is going over the top with the darker tones. This would turn your kitchen into a claustrophobic and perpetually dark area.  There is a fine line between subtle elegance and overpowering gaucheness. Expect to see a lot of dark-toned cabinets as we finish 2019 and cruise into 2021.


A Tale of Two Tones


For a long time, mixing two different tones or textures for cabinets was, to put it lightly, frowned upon.  But like many other trends over the years, it just needed a few pieces of inspired work to start this.

You could go for a combination of wood and painted cabinets, which provides a fresh diversity both in terms of color and texture; or a royal mixture of black and gold cabinetry; or matte finishes paired with serene white. The choices are abundant.

As a result of such combinations, the case for abandoning the monotone approach to designing cabinets has been strengthened this year…and we are definitely loving it!


The Island of Functionality


The island has famously been an afterthought in most of the general-purpose kitchens.  Merely an ornamental piece once upon a time, it has slowly and steadily transformed into a utilitarian necessity of a modern kitchen. The growth reached a critical point this year, and we have been treated with some of the best kitchen island ideas and designs all throughout 2019.

For example, the single-level islands which create an unobstructed conversation and dining area.  Or the storage heavy islands which are wrapped all the way around in cabinets, cubbies, and/or drawers. 

Kitchen islands are poised to take center-stage in the coming years as well with increased storage, larger prep area, under-counter appliances, and an ability to transform into a dining and entertaining area on command.


Mixing Metals


Traditionally, metals have been the group that are known for their reliability and nothing else.  This myopic view is slowly but steadily being dismantled.

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The modern kitchen is ready for bold statements with metallic designs and finishes, and the trend has never been more evident than in 2019.

This year the portfolio has been expanded to pewter, copper, gunmetal, and industrial steel and iron, while brass was a favorite in 2018.  Pewter and gunmetal have been exceptionally good this year, solely by virtue of being a worthy replacement for the harsh matte black or polished brass/gold.

Be ready for a trend not dissimilar to multi-tone cabinetry — with various elements such as copper hardware, brass fixtures, and silver finishes coming together and making a bold statement.


Appliances Gone Crazy!


An unexpected yet refreshing trend to emerge in 2019 resulted in the plain and inconspicuous appliances coming forward to share the limelight.

We are past the trend where appliances like wine coolers, refrigerators, and dishwashers had to be blended in with the cabinetry.  2019 has been all about lively colors and finishes, and for once the humble appliances haven’t been left behind.

Ruby red to bright blue — homeowners are not afraid to get creative with mismatching.  In their quest for eccentric and quirky designs, more and more homeowners have been willing to experiment with the wide range of colors and tones available.

Additionally, the more modern and eco-friendly versions of appliances have been flooding the market.  Steam oven, induction stove, energy-star rated refrigerators, and dishwashers are just a few ‘must-haves’ in the modern kitchen.



While there have been multiple trends to come out of 2019, the general consensus has been that the kitchen is getting more technologically savvy while simultaneously popping out on colors and exotic textures.