About Us

 Ready to put your house on the map? 


At Home Atlas, our vision is to help you create a Pinterest-worthy home in a pocket-friendly way. We want your friends, family and guests to walk in and ask, “Really? You didn’t hire a designer for this?” And we help you create it by offering practical advice, trending ideas, and information on everything home.


What Is Home Atlas

Home Atlas aims to be a community that demystifies the processes of buying, remodeling, repairing, updating and even selling a house by offering how to’s, answers to most common concerns, and resources that link you up with trusted suppliers instantly.

We believe that in a world that is so fast paced, buying a new house or remodeling it should not be a bureaucratic process. Who has time to meet multiple vendors and wait for multiple quotations just to finalize a contractor? Now, save valuable time and energy and send your requirements directly to the vendors of your choice with just one click to request quotations. It really is that simple! You can compare their offerings and prices side by side to make the best decision.

Who Is It For

It is for everyone who is buying their first house and wants everything to be just right. It is also for homeowners who want to change things around, make purchases for their house, and learn tips on how to maintain and decorate it better. Above all, it is for everyone who is fazed by the idea of home additions or updates and wants to know where to begin and what to do.

If you have ever had a question about your kitchen, bathroom, basement or any other space in the house ? you have come to the right place. Our online library contains information on topics like home additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, latest trends and much more. Just search for your question and it shall be answered!

How It Works

We have a team of experienced home enthusiasts on various subject matters who constantly update themselves with the know-hows of the home remodeling industry. They write specialized columns that answer questions most homeowners have when they make house decisions. Although occasionally our articles may link to other products, brands or businesses — everything we write is 100% based on research and not some behind-the-scenes affiliation.

Our vision is to help every homeowner get a house of their dreams easily and on a budget… and we take our vision very seriously. Everything on Home Atlas is a result of an honest effort to help the community with the best advice without any bias. 

If you have any questions that have not been answered or something you would like more clarity on, do not hesitate to comment or reach out to us! We are happy to hear from you.