About Us

Welcome to The Home Atlas, your dedicated companion in transforming any space into your dream home. We are a passionate team of four—Nour, Max, Niki, and Sam—bringing together our strengths and years of expertise in home improvement, decoration, and design.

At The Home Atlas, we believe a home is more than just four walls; it embodies your personality and is a canvas for your dreams.

We aim to empower you with practical, real-life tips and inspiration to help you build, decorate, and cherish your best home.

From trendy decorating advice and innovative gardening hacks to comprehensive home repair how-tos, we’re committed to providing inspiring and achievable content.

Whether you’re entertaining guests, nurturing your green thumb, or undertaking a full-scale home renovation, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

In our universe of home improvement, no question is too small, and no dream is too big. Our diverse and dedicated team is here to listen, learn, and share. With Nour’s eye for detail, Max’s practical solutions, Niki’s creative spark, and Sam’s technical skills, we bring a well-rounded perspective that caters to all facets of home living.

Together, we at The Home Atlas are excited to help you navigate the journey to your best home. So, join us as we explore the endless possibilities of home living and transform your house into a true home.

We can’t wait to be a part of your home’s story!

Nour, Max, Niki & Sam