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Five Reasons Why Marble Remains The Best Choice For Your Kitchen

Five Reasons Why Marble Remains The Best Choice For Your Kitchen

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Five Reasons Why Marble Remains The Best Choice For Your Kitchen


Which parts of our homes have undergone the biggest changes in the last century — the bathroom, the bedroom or the kitchen? One may make strong cases for the first two, but we can tell you for sure that it is the kitchen that has transformed from a smoky, dingy and often cramped space to a place we relate with calm, quiet and peace today.

Yet, one item that brings together the kitchens of yore with modern ones is the use of natural stones, especially marble. It may be an item seen in the homes and palaces of aristocrats and kings, but it has a lot of value in modern interior design as well. From the simplest apartment kitchen to the most intricately designed kitchen, marble remains the choice of many; and if you need any more convincing, here are five reasons why: 


Marble is Extremely Strong and Durable

Often, precious and beautiful items require an extraordinary level of care. Handling them can be the most tedious affair. But marble? No. It is beautiful, yet strong enough for anything that a kitchen can throw at it. Heat? No problem. It is also quite heat resistant and can be used for baking pizza, bread, and other things for years. Stains? A simple wipe with a cloth and you are done. Hot liquid spilled on the surface? No issues. Just wipe it up before the stain sets and you are good to go.

In that way, unlike a lot of kitchen stones and tiles that mimic the tough image, marble is actually strong. It may need a little care and maintenance, but it lasts for decades. Don’t believe it? Check out the Taj Mahal, a monument built in India in the 17th century. Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it retains its timeless elegance to this day because, yes, it is made out of marble


Marble is a Sure Shot Way Way to Increase the Resale Value of a House


Here’s the thing: Home trends change so regularly that you might confuse them with clothing trends. Every year, something new seems to make a kitchen extra cool. Two years ago, it was smart appliances, then smart lighting and a decade ago, it was modular fittings. These things are big investments but may not increase your resale value because they go out of style as quickly as they come. Not every potential buyer will like the dazzlingly-red backsplash or the huge kitchen island. 

Here is where marble saves the day. Almost everyone appreciates marble because it has a class and elegance that goes beyond trendy appeal. A white marble countertop can go with almost every design, thereby telling buyers that they do not need to change much in the kitchen if they buy one.


Marble Makes Your Kitchen Brighter

Not every home receives a copious amount of sunlight. But even the darkest kitchens can be brightened by the presence of marble. It reflects light and works best in small spaces that receive little or no light. As a bonus, it also creates an illusion of a larger space. Win-win, nay?

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Marble is Very Low Maintenance 

We have said that marble is durable and strong, but it also very easy to maintain. Remember, a kitchen receives a lot of traffic and abuse. And marble can stand up to all of it — and you do not have to obsess about keeping it clean either. As long as you wipe off all the stains (think spilled red wine, some curry or barbecue sauce) within a few hours, it will all be fine. In case you forget to clean within, say, 12 hours, a mix of baking soda and water should suffice

Few Materials are as Versatile as Marble

Marble for the countertop, marble for the kitchen island, marble for the sink? Yes, that might be too much marble, but the point is: it is an extremely versatile material as it can be cut and chiseled any way you want. A matching or contrasting countertop and kitchen island made of marble can make even the simplest space look beautiful. You can experiment with contrasting colors for a creative effect as well.


How to Pick the Right Marble

Marble is a natural stone and like every other naturally occurring material, its final appearance and composition depends on a variety of factors. Remember, every marble is not the same and the quality will rise with your budget. The choice should obviously be dictated by practicality and not just what looks good. For example, if you and your family have a busy lifestyle, picking darker colors is a good choice as they are less likely to get stained. But it may not be a good option for kitchens that receive very little or no sunlight, and white might be the way to go. Similarly, a clean ‘matte’ finish might make more sense for families with kids as it is less susceptible to stains and scratches; but might not look good in every home.

Here’s a tip to work with: If you are putting your house for sale, it can be a good idea to check with the property dealers over what quality of marble is the benchmark for such properties and decide accordingly. Marble will always work for you; the trick is to make it work best for you. Think wisely because it is an expensive investment, but one that would last for generations and will always be a classic choice.