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Storage Options for the Kitchen

Storage Options for the Kitchen


For any homeowner, storage is often a huge point of contention. Each room of your house has its own storage requirements — right from your clothes to the tiniest salt and pepper shakers, everything needs a dedicated storage solution. While the answer for most rooms is either a wardrobe or a cabinet, when it comes to your kitchen, things tend to get a little more exciting. All because there are lots of options and accessories to look at.

If your family has grown or it takes you forever to find things, you know the obvious first step. Evaluating your storage needs and taking it from there should be the starting point. Be sure that you plan for the future when you make the decisions regarding your kitchen so that this problem doesn’t present itself again in the next few years.


Can You Salvage Your Old Cabinets With Some Touches?


Many homeowners don’t see the need for gutting the kitchen and installing new cabinetry and in many cases, they don’t need to. Often, the storage problem is a direct result of not optimizing the space one already has rather than anything else. In this case, storage hacks can actually save the day.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Is the structural integrity of your cabinets intact? If the answer is no, you know you can’t build a house on a shaky foundation. However, if it is relatively strong, you might be able to get by with just an aesthetic facelift. In such cases, you can opt for refacing your kitchen cabinet doors or simply replacing the hardware.

Such a refacing of cabinet doors can cost you around $4,214 to $8,110 for a standard 10×12 foot kitchen. Prices for exterior hardware pieces, usually made out of ceramic, crystal, plastic, or meta can cost anywhere between $2 to $30.


Top Storage Options for Your Kitchen


       1.  Open Shelves

 Open shelves are a no-hassle storage option for your kitchen. Not only do they help you store various knick-knacks, but they also add quite a bit of character to your kitchen. In a way, open shelves are also a great way of utilizing wall space and converting it into a functional and aesthetic storage option.

There are no tiers to the type of open shelves available. After all, open shelves are just planks of wood fixed on a wall. Anything goes, as long as you are able to display fancy crockery on it. They’re a great budget option for the kitchen for this reason.


       2.  Larders

Larders are a stylish and economical storage option for your kitchen. Originally used to store meat and lard (hence the name), larders have made a stylish comeback.

In modern kitchens, Larders used to store meat, preservatives and other foods. In that way, larders are like the walk-in variant of a small pantry and are extremely easy to incorporate in most kitchens.


       3.  Cabinets

By far, cabinets are the most popular storage options for a kitchen. Why not? They provide a distinct aesthetic value and serve their purpose in the best way possible. In fact, cabinets form a large chunk of most budgets for a kitchen remodel. As a result, they win huge favors with potential homebuyers as well.

Based on your budget, there are three types of cabinets that you can install :

  1. Stock
  2. Semi-custom, and
  3. Custom

Your cabinetry sets the tone of your kitchen, hence the design and functionality have to be perfect for you and within your dedicated budget. Each of these offers a different level of value in terms of storage, functionality, and design; so we recommend choosing wisely.


       1.  Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are pre-made, pre-designed, ready to assemble cabinets. They’re the most affordable kind and are ideal for a 10×10 kitchen. They are readily available at a local store or a big brand store such as Kraftmaid or IKEA. There are many stores that sell them online too.

These stock kitchen cabinets are either fully assembled or ready to assemble when delivered; thus making it an ideal choice for DIY kitchen remodeling projects.

Compared to other options, stock kitchen cabinets are more affordable and are relatively easier to install. However, they do come with their own set of drawbacks. For instance, you get what you pay for. Stock kitchen cabinets are mass-produced, hence there is little to no room for design flexibility and even material selection.


       2.  Semi-Custom Cabinets

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Semi-custom cabinets are a step above stock cabinets. They offer flexibility when it comes to the type of cabinets and their designs. You can choose between different types of finishes, materials, storage options such as dividers, lazy Susans, etc. The average cost of semi-custom cabinets is around $200 to $550 per linear foot or between $300 and $600 per cabinet.

While they do offer a wide range of options, semi-custom cabinets do hold homeowners back from truly exploring the look and feel of custom cabinetry. In most cases, you can only choose from the different variants that are available and there’s little to no room for adding something of your own.


       3.  Custom Cabinets

When a homeowner has to spend between $500 to $1,200 per linear foot or $500 or more per cabinet, there has to be something special that encourages that kind of spending.

If you are a homeowner who wants complete control of their cabinetry’s design, then you should opt for custom cabinets. In most cases, you will be working with a cabinet designer or a custom cabinetry company such as Closet and Beyond or Cabinet America.

As you will be deciding everything, including the design, material, finishing, layout, etc. — you are free to add as many personal touches as you want.


Different Cabinet Materials


When it comes to selecting your kitchen cabinets, the material that you choose plays a huge role. Different options include Wood Veneer, Laminate, Wood, Stainless Steel, etc. Each of these has its own pros and cons.

For instance, stainless steel cabinets give your kitchen a modern look but also cost you quite some money, averaging around  $400 to $600 per cabinet or $800 to $1200 per cabinet for custom designs. On top of that, the cost of installing the entire cabinetry can come to around $20,000. Comparing this with $4000-$9000 that is required for a wood veneer cabinetry, the difference is striking, to say the least.


Making the Final Choice


Whether you’re opting for budget storage solutions or customized storage solutions, the options are almost abundant. In the end, no one can make that decision for you but you. It all comes down to your personal style, requirements, and budget. Right from open shelving to extensive cabinetry, there is something everyone can try with a little creativity.