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Storage Solutions for Every Room

Storage Solutions for Every Room


Do We Need Storage?


We might be living the most modern, high-tech life in the history of the world, but that does not negate the fact that our living spaces continue to shrink with each passing year. That is why one of the most common household design themes focuses exclusively on small, even micro-sized homes. But just because our homes have shrunk, it does not mean that our need to own a lot of essential things has too. In fact, we need more storage more than ever! But the key here is to use smart storage solutions to maximize the space. Whether it is through multi-level storage options, furniture that shrinks and re-shapes according to needs or through innovative wardrobes; we are constantly looking at new solutions. 


And do not assume that smart storage solutions are a necessity for the small home only. In fact, larger homes need this even more. Why? Because when you live in a small place, you automatically use less stuff, but in larger homes, things occupy a lot of space as they remain scattered. Smart storage solutions can help you declutter and use all available space more efficiently.

 How to Start Organizing Your Space Better? 


Before you start planning out storage, remember to clean your space thoroughly. The best time to do this would be early morning on a weekend because you want to take your time to do it and not rush anything. Look at cleaning as the first stage of improving your storage: it is only when you clean your house that you’ll know what you should keep and what you should discard. 

But what next? Well, here are some tips for every part of the house so that you can take decisions accordingly.  


 Storage Solutions You Can Use for Every Room in Your Home 


  • BedroomThe name might be simple: bed, in a room, hence bedroom. But can you imagine a place that is more relaxing than your bedroom? The success to a good day is a clean, clutter-free bedroom where you wake up every morning to take on the world. An unkempt bedroom will never lead to a peaceful life and work, so it is paramount that you the utmost importance to the way your bedroom looks.  



One of the best and most common forms of storage in the bedroom is a storage bed. Earlier, a lot of people would just pack things and keep them under the bed but since storage beds arrived this has changed dramatically. And it makes sense: the bed covers the most space in the room so it’s only fair that it doubles up as storage too. The good thing is that there are numerous options available for storage beds depending on your budget and space. You can also put a similar bed in your kids’ room so that they too learn how to declutter their room at an early stage in life! 


Apart from storage beds, small dressers, free-standing shelves in corners of the room and bedside chest of drawers work very well too, especially for the smaller stuff. And if these aren’t enough, you need to sit down and see whether you need all those items in your bedroom to begin with. Remember, a calm, clean bedroom is the foundation of a calm life.  


  • KitchenAfter the bedroom, the kitchen is the most important part of the house. It is the space which sees the most foot traffic, it is the source of gastronomic delights, and it is the part that holds the house together. One can argue that it is the kitchen that requires the most efficient and smart forms of storage since it is home to so many things. Here are some ways to do the same:



  • Spice racks: Mostly available as rotating racks, they are the best way to keep all your spices without stuffing them in ugly plastic bags in various corners of the kitchen. It is usually kept on the countertop making it easy to access and keeps things extremely organized without taking much space at all.  
  • Multi-tier island: A kitchen island can work wonders as a storage solution as it occupies ample space. It is a wonderful place to showcase your crockery or even keep things like tea and coffee so that they are easy to access. A multi-tier kitchen island may not be a cheap option but it lasts for years and in a smaller kitchen, it can be a complete alternative to a dining table.
  • Pegboards: This is the best way to hang light goods like grocery bags and baskets and some produce too if needed. They are cheap, easy to install and last for years. For price vs usage, there is nothing that can beat a pegboard. Just make sure you do not hang really heavy goods on them.  
  • Bathroom: Most bathrooms require storage for only certain kinds of products and more often than not, a simple vanity should suffice. There are loads of options for vanities and all are built with a humid and wet surrounding in mind so they are waterproof too.  


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But what if you want more storage?  



Well, mounting shelves are a very good option as they take little to no space and can house essentials like a shaving kit and makeup products. If you are someone who keeps their dirty laundry in the bathroom before taking it for a wash, it is best to get a nice wooden or a metallic laundry bag with a cover so that it keeps the laundry out of sight (and not out of mind!).  


  • Living Room/LobbyLiving room and/or lobby is the space where you want to put only those things that you want to display. A tidy living room sets the tone for the rest of the house, and it also means that every living room should look barer than a monk’s quarters. There are plenty of ways to keep stuff while making your living room look more beautiful and aesthetically appealing.  



To begin with, you must create some sort of platform/bench to store your dirty shoes and wet umbrellas. This is the first step to keeping a clean house. If you want just a little more storage, pick a bench with drawers so that you can keep your dry shoes inside, too. This, along with coat racks at the entrance, magazine stands, and key holders will result in efficient storage solutions starting at the doorstep itself!


No matter how big or small your place, smart storage solutions are available for every corner of the house. All you need to do is find what works best for you. And before you start storing, remember to declutter and get rid of all that you do not want. And do not forget, buy only things that you have storage for. But whoever does that, right?