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How To Optimize Storage Space With Custom Closets

How To Optimize Storage Space With Custom Closets

Do you ever feel that you have way too many clothes or items, but not enough place to store them? Or that no matter how organized you are, there are simply too many things to keep up with?


We are sure that as a homeowner, you thought of the best possible furnishings, designs, and storage options for your house within your budget. Chances are that before buying, you may have also considered different storage options. And now you are left wondering where it could have gone wrong…

Well, you’re not the only one. While many people might attribute the problem to them owning a lot of stuff, there could be a bigger issue at hand: Lack of optimization of your storage spaces.

And let’s assure you that it is not you. Unless you’ve got clothes to fill up all four corners of your room, your shopping habits alone shouldn’t be the cause of the lack of storage space in your house. In fact, in most cases, the reason for a messy house is the under-utilization of storage space. And that can be a huge problem.

In fact, we’ll go right out and say that it is better to have a smaller closet that you can fully utilize than to have a large wardrobe that lacks proper functionality for storing all the miscellaneous things you own. You can have a huge walk-in closet but unless it has the right hooks, rods and all the fancy hampers — where are you going to store your clothes and accessories?

If any of what we’ve described above sounds remotely true for you, you really need to do something about utilizing all that space. In fact, many easy hacks can save the day.


How To Optimize Storage Space Through Custom Closets


The answer to most of your storage issues is to simply to customize your closets. Such closets can be made multifunctional, and you can store anything from clothes to food and cookware in them.

However, it does come down to the type of closet that you choose. Just like any other storage solution, bigger isn’t always better. For instance, many homeowners prefer to purchase stock closets or Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) closets for their homes. But while these may be a convenient option today, they often don’t work out in the long run.

Remember, your needs today will be vastly different from your storage needs 5 years down the line. That’s why you need to opt for a storage solution that holds its ground in the long-term. In fact, your current issues might have been a direct result of a decision made in hindsight a few years ago. The solution is very simple: Get custom closets.


Now, why should you opt for custom closets?


There’s one simple reason: They’re made uniquely for you. When you work with a custom closet design company, they will take your storage requirements into account along with your specific requests and design a custom closet that will be the ultimate solution for YOU. I may own 50 hats and need a separate rod for it, you may not. Only a customized closet can take into account your peculiar needs.

And you can have a lot of fun with it too. Right from the design to the layout of your closet, you are in complete control of the process. You can embellish it with different themes as well and display your personal expression through it.

In fact, having an optimized storage space isn’t just about getting a custom closet. There’s more to it than what meets the eye. While planning your custom closet, you need to be smart about some decisions that go into the whole process. Here are some hacks that will make your storage solution as optimized as possible:


       1.  Don’t cut corners

When it comes to ‘hacking’ your storage space, you should never cut corners, literally. Corners are often the most underutilized and ignored spaces in any household, even within closets.

There are many ways in which you can use that elusive corner space to meet your storage needs. For instance, you can use a corner in your closet to store ties or install a hanging drawer for your jewelry. Basically, adding an accessory can help you make a corner more functional.


       2.  Divide and Rule

When it comes to any closet space, you have to make it work for you and not the other way round. Your closet is here to match your needs, and you don’t have to adjust according to the design of your closet.

To hack this, you can use easy to implement design choices and hacks to maximize the functionality of your closet.

One such hack is to install shelf dividers. You’ll have different types of items to store in your bedroom or a kitchen closet and many closet companies offer just a plain shelf with no divisions. To tackle this, you can install shelf dividers and get more organized while storing your items. This allows you to utilize vertical space more efficiently as well. Rather than making stacks on top of one single shelf, you can use different ones for different items. This can save time when you are sorting through things later on too.


       3.  Use Unused Spaces

Have you ever thought that your closet could have more room without changing its size? No, we aren’t talking about a Narnia-esque closet, we want you to look at some unused spaces in your closet. For instance, you can use your closet door as additional storage space. You need some hooks to convert the inside of your closet door to a storage haven. Right from jewelry to handbags, a closet door can be used to store items that can be hung. It can become your dedicated tie-holder as well.

Another underused space is the floor of your closet. In fact, many people tend to ignore the floor space entirely. By buying storage containers or adding a drawer space to the floor of your closet, you can instantly utilize every corner of your closet in the best way possible. You can use it to store shoes or items that are used infrequently. So, while designing your custom closet, keep the floor space in mind and choose the appropriate design.


       4.  Details Matter

Just like any other design choice, the devil is usually in the details. When it comes to customizing your closet space, you have to focus on the details and the small things as much as you can.

Big storage issues often have simple and small solutions to them. The space for your coats is too small? A simple fix is to remove a shelf or two below to create that extra space without having to make major changes to your closet.

Similarly, there will be small details scattered throughout your closet that you have to consider while customizing it to make the most out of the space that you have.


In Conclusion


There are many ways through which you can optimize your closets, but they all require a little creativity. In most cases, the addition of different hooks, drawers, hampers, etc. can solve the problem. The idea is to look closely at your current closet and see how you can add more storage accessories as per your needs. And voila!