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Organizing Your Walk-In Closet

Organizing Your Walk-In Closet


A walk-in closet is a whimsical dream; a personal sanctuary that fuels your individual style.

And we understand the obsession with it. Besides, who can ever get enough of abundant storage space?

With storage issues being a common problem in modern homes, more and more homeowners are looking for better and improved alternatives to tackle the storage problem. And a walk-in closet answers all those needs with style and grace.

Now, these spaces have long ceased to function as exclusive clothes storage wells.  Those who go for it want theirs be customized as per their own style sensibilities.

But the thing is: just going in for a walk-in closet is not enough. No matter how much you decorate it, unless it is well- organized with the right stuff in the right place, there is not much you are going to get out of it.

So, how do you go about the organization? We have come up with a few tips that you can incorporate in your closet, to get the best out of it.


Clean Out Your Closet

Start by cleaning your closet completely. Remove every single item from it. Next, clean the interiors thoroughly.

Vacuum clean the carpet, clean the shelves and the walls of the closet and get rid of any unnecessary items. The blank slate does wonders in conjuring up design ideas for the space.


Declutter Your Closet

The next step is to declutter your closet in your home. Just do not take out all the clothes and pile them in a heap for sorting. You will end up getting more confused than ever and the project will finish before it starts!

We suggest categorizing all your clothes, be it trousers, shirts, tops, jeans, etc. Follow this by sorting through each item before going to the next. Follow the same course of action with shoes and accessories too.

When you have all the items grouped in front of you, it makes it super simple to do away with all the stuff you don’t need any more.

Trends change and so should your collection. The idea is to retain only what you treasure and wear regularly. The rest can go for donation.


Plan Your Closet

Organizing the closet can be good fun. Start by scanning your closet thoroughly.

Do you have lots of vertical storage space, hanging rods and multiple built-in shelves? If you do, you just got lucky. You can do so much with these.

The uppermost shelves that are toughest to reach can be used to store items that you need sparingly. On the other hand, if your closet doesn’t have enough shelves, think of getting them incorporated.

We know you love your collection of t-shirts. Why not store them in your hanging shoe organizer?  This way, they are on a display and you can pick the one you like easily.

Additionally, use plastic bins to store your beachwear, swimsuit and hats. In case, your closet is short of shelves, get hooks to hang on the walls to increase accessibility.


Store Similar Items Together

Remember how you sorted your stuff as you decluttered your closet?

It’s time to put the stuff back but with a little more discipline. Keep similar items together. Let the belts come together at a single spot. Do the same with your shades, sun dresses, and workout attire.

This will simplify your task of retrieving the items as and when you need them…and save you a lot of time and energy in turn.


Hang the Fragile Stuff

You don’t have to hang every item you own. It’s a good idea to hang fragile stuff that needs special care like coats and blazers, suits, dresses, and lingerie. This gives them a good visibility and keeps them in good condition.

Also, you can hang your scarves on hangers for easy retrieval.

Another smart idea can be to hang all your clothes in the same direction and height-wise. This will give your clothes a beautiful sloping pattern in the closet.


Use Identical Hangers

Have you seen closets where hangers of different materials seem to be battling with each other?  It isn’t the most appealing.

We don’t want to come across this mess day after day, every time we walk into our closet.

It is so important to have a visually serene scene within our closets to make us function effectively. So, invest in good sturdy hangers that can take the weight of your heaviest items and stick to those for the entire closet. Also, say no to wooden hangers if you happen to own lots of slippery fabrics.

Additionally, consider stacking thick items like denims to save precious hanging space. Since these items are thick, you don’t run the risk of crumpling them or distorting their shape anyway. They will be easier to retrieve this way too.


Roll T-shirts and Pajamas into Drawers

Why not roll attires like t-shirts and pajamas and store them in drawers with dividers?

These are thin textured items; which makes them a perfect candidate to be rolled and stored. This way, it becomes a cakewalk to access them when required. Imagine the space you can save by not hanging these items too!

Alternatively, you can use storage boxes to store the attire, using the same technique of course. You can also use shoe boxes or stainless steel wire baskets.


Store the Frequently Used Clothes at Eye Level

Always, always keep the regularly used clothes in the midsection of the closet, and at an eye level.

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This saves time whenever you need to retrieve your stuff, especially early in the morning when you are too tired to focus!

As mentioned above, keep the lesser-used items in the topmost shelf or much below your most worn clothes.


Color-Co-ordinate Your Closet

This is the fun part.

It may take a little effort but believe us you will be blown away by the result!

Hang the same colored pieces together. This is especially useful if you prefer certain colors on specific occasions and to go with certain outfits. Visual buffs will have a field day with this arrangement too.


Maximize Your Vertical Storage Space

This can turn out to be the biggest asset of your closet.

You can utilize this space in a way that looks good and works as an excellent storage tool in the same vein. You can have a dresser here or maybe a nice full- length mirror or even multiple shelves on top of one another to store trinkets.

Now, you can use the empty wall space to hang your jewelry and accessories too. Basically, the options are limitless.


Get Lights in Your Closet

Recessed lights that brighten up your home closet as soon as you step in pep up your day.

So, get lights and more lights for your closet to brighten your home.

Lights behind your hanging area, LED strips in your shelves or even a gold chandelier on the top of the closet changes the ambiance of your closet and gives a showcase effect.


Organize Your Drawers

If you happen to have a set of drawers, put them to best use by classifying each of them.

Store your lingerie in the topmost drawer. The trousers will go in the drawer beneath this drawer with the tops in the drawer below that.

This will completely ease your mornings wherein you are perennially short of time and looking for things.

Just remember that organizing the closet in your home is an ongoing process and you need to be regular with the process to enjoy its true benefits.