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How to Organize Your Living Room The Right Way

How to Organize Your Living Room The Right Way

how to organize your living room

Most people prefer to spend most of their free time in the living room, enjoying their favorite show or simply relaxing. Therefore, you need to figure out how to organize your living room the right way.

From the choice of the floor to the placement of the furniture, each element needs thorough consideration. An essential part of your home, the living room, should reflect your taste and be welcoming and comfortable to its inhabitants. Unfortunately, although it may appear a simple matter to organize a living room, it’s not always easy. 

The tasteful decoration of the living room requires some effort. From the arrangement of the sofa to the choice of the floor material, here are our essential tips for organizing and decorating a practical and friendly living room.


Adjust The Sofa


living room sofa layout
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The most prominent element in any living room is the sofa. Moreover, it determines the layout and the appearance of the living room, as most of the decor revolves around the sofa. Therefore, you should do its placement thoughtfully. 

Most often, it’s placed against the wall; however, it can also be placed at the center of the room, creating a separation between two distinct areas of the house. The orientation of the sofa is essential as well. It often faces another prominent feature of the room, like a fireplace, a TV, etc. Once you have placed the sofa, you can proceed further with other living room elements.


Install Furniture Wisely


The living room is often the busiest in the house. So, it should be able to cater to the needs of each member of the house as well as any guests. Therefore, it’s essential to arrange the furniture in a living room based on the layout.

The number of people in the family? When is the maximum footfall in the living room, and what activity predominates the place? In short, the layout of the room should be in line with the daily life of the occupants. If you prefer to eat in your living room, make sure to have a table in the room as well as a cabinet to store some cutlery. Similarly, if you have a small living room, do not go with a bulky sofa; it will restrict the space. 

Also, place the sofa facing one or two seats, and choose multifunction furniture like a coffee table with storage space to improve the functionality of the room.


Ensure Sufficient Lighting


living room lighting tips
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Whatever the time of the day, the living room should have abundant light to be a cozy, welcoming space. If you are in the planning phase of your new home, take the opportunity to position your living room in such a way that it receives plenty of natural light. 

You can add windows to create inlets for sunlight. Also, choose light colors for your living room to infuse a feeling of spaciousness and to reflect light for a brighter and better environment. Besides the natural light, you should also install adequate light fixtures, both direct and indirect, to create a well-lit space.

 For the main light, the best solution will be a suspension-type luminaire like a large lamp. For specific lighting, install focused lighting fixtures, like floor lamps and reading lamps.


Choose the Right Flooring


You need to consider several flooring options for your living room remodel based on several factors. Take into account the characteristics and decor of the room, but emphasize more on practicality. Similarly, you should also ask your remodeling contractor for the right recommendations as a living room has several requirements.

For instance, you should consider the number of family members in the house. Do you have any children? A person with reduced mobility? Don’t forget about the pets! The floor should be robust and provide easy movement. If you do have children or a senior citizen, make sure that the floor is not too slippery. Floor tiles are the best option as they come in numerous designs, patterns, and finishes. 

You can even opt for imitation wood, like parquet with veining in light shades, to bring a decorative touch. Do you want to go with tiles? Choose from PVC or parquet! You should remember that light shade for flooring material may look exquisite, but they require heavy maintenance as they stain easily and lose their shine over time.


Create a Welcoming and Comfortable Environment


how to organize your living room space
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Above everything else, a living room is a place where people take refuge for some relaxing moments. Therefore, the space should be warm, welcoming, and cozy. You should arrange it so that it is a feel-good environment. 

The living room should reflect your taste and personality with its decor, colors, and accessories to create such an environment. Before you jump to arranging your living room, create a list of color and decor elements you want in the room. Then consider each element and see if they rhyme with your taste and the interiors of the room. 

To decorate a small living room add frames on the wall, small furniture, textiles, and plants of your liking to perfect the room’s layout. 

It’s the furnishing of the room that will instill a welcoming feeling to the space. Plants will circulate healthier air throughout the room. Also, add some wooden decor to bring warmness to the space.


Ensure Consistency and Uniformity


For a living room to be modern and beautiful, it must be coherent. Consistency is often overlooked while organizing a living room; however, it’s crucial for the environment to be consistent with other rooms of the house.

 Not only should the furniture blend with the decor of the room, but the space should also rhyme with the rest of the house. You should take into account every design and decor element that defines the interior of the house. 

Fixtures, floors, colors, shapes, and materials used in the living room must be in balance with those of the other rooms. If you fail to do so, not only will the living room be out of sync with the rest of the house, but the house itself will look like a jumble of different styles and moods with no rhyme or consistency.