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Figuring Out If You Have Enough Bedroom Storage

Figuring Out If You Have Enough Bedroom Storage


Have you been dreading entering your bedroom lately? Does the sight of your room with clothes, shoes and sundry strewn all around your room give you the creeps? If so, like so many others out there, you have a storage problem. Interested in easy fixes? Read on to find out some excellent yet easy bedroom storage hacks.


Choose a Headboard for Storage

Stuck with a huge bed? No worries. Make your bed a storage den! Opt for a headboard to store books, note pads, magazines and other stuff that you are likely to use frequently.


Use the Back of the Closet to Store Your Shoes

Nothing can be more exasperating than the sight of your shoes thrown just about anywhere in the room. I think we can all agree that one of the most annoying things in the world has to be unable to find one shoe when the other is strapped on, especially when you are going out!

Before you face this again, consider this. If all your shoes were to find a single place and that too without taking any extra storage space, wouldn’t it solve all your problems? Build a nice pegboard shoe rack and hang the structure either at the back of your closet door or use the wall above the floor to hang the shoes on the peg. Either way, you end up decluttering your room.


Invest in a Trouser Pull-Out

You don’t have the time going around looking for that particular trouser to wear to the meeting the first thing in the morning, right? Did you leave it on the chair buried under a hundred other clothes? Or maybe you stored with some other attire in your wide’s closet? Whatever be your answer, the bottom line is that you can’t find it when you need it the most! Now what?

A simple solution is what you need here. Get a smart trouser pull-out rack for your closet. The solution will save valuable space on the clothes rod too in case you have been using it to hang your trousers along with other clothes. You can’t gift yourself a better storage solution for your trousers where you just pull out the rack and pick what you want! Consider the time you will be saving in the process. Totally worth it!


Consider Adding Hooks to the Back of Your Closet Wall

More than often, the wall behind your clothes in the closet tends to go wasted. Probably because it’s hardly visible with all those clothes hanging in front of it. Equally true that you can’t use the space for everyday items. But we all have a few extra things like a bag or a coat that we go around stuffing in the first place we get ahold of. Why not add hooks to the back of your closet to hang all the stuff that you use once a while? Another step towards clearing your bedroom mess!


Enhance Your Drawer Storage with Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are great at giving you the extra storage that can make a huge difference to your lifestyle. There is a lot of frequently used stuff that tends to get mixed up with other items, simply because we lack designated storage space just for those. Then you might also be looking to store important documents, jewelry, a watch or two and the likes. Now unless you have some kind of a sensible storage system, things are most likely to mix up, creating a mess. This is where your drawer organizers come in. Place one organizer in your dressing drawer to segregate your comb, brush, hair accessories and watch the difference. The next time you are going out, just check the time taken to access any item you want and you’ll know what we are talking about.


Use LEGOs to Store Your Keys and Chargers

We know that you want to scream every time you can’t find your home or car keys or when your phone is going all beep beep and your charger goes missing! Go all creative by using desk organization products that make sure that you don’t face a crisis like this the next time. Use LEGO pieces to store your keys and the charger and you are never going to miss them again as they’ll be right there in front of you.


Hang a Minimalistic Bookshelf on the Wall

Connoisseur of books? If you have a wall in your room, you’re sure to nail this right! All you have to do is to attach two thin metal plates on any wall of your choice and you get a world-class minimalistic bookshelf right in your room! All your books go in there — all stacked and organized.


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Use the Space Under Your Bed for Drawers

A platform bed with drawers is a great storage solution too. It is especially a blessing in a small bedroom where you keep trying to rake up storage ideas to manage your stuff. Either you invest in a bed frame with drawers or bring home a carpenter to make them for you. Whatever you chose, this step is going to sort a lot of your storage issues. Use them to store your files, shoes, bags, extra bed sheets, pillows or even your music collection, right under your bed. Now don’t look for monsters under the bed, but solutions.


Invest in a Fold-Down Desk

A fold-down desk is what most of you workaholics may be looking for! The desk can be folded down for working and folded back against the wall when not in use. You won’t even know it was ever there! The desks are available in a number of shapes and sizes. There are desks that are designed to have space for all your office supplies too. What a great way to use up the available space for work without eating into any extra space!


Incorporate Floating Shelves

Floating shelves look awesome and give your bedroom the much-needed storage in complete style. The best of all, they free up the floor space and let in natural light which opens up your room.


Floor- to- Ceiling Fitted Unit

A floor-to-ceiling unit is probably one of the best storage solutions available out there. Use the unit for multi-purposes like displaying your favorite artifacts, shelves for books, drawers for storing important items, side shelves for side tables and much more. Infuse the unit with a few lights and watch the ambiance change!


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