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10 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Companies in Wheaton, IL

10 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Companies in Wheaton, IL

Best remodeling company

Are you looking for the best remodeling companies in Wheaton, IL to assist you in modifying your home’s style? Restoration work is a time-consuming process requiring the engagement of qualified and experienced specialists who can meet your needs within a particular timeline and budget.

There are numerous remodeling companies and independent contractors in Illinois. Getting quotations from more than five organizations isn’t a smart idea since each will need to come to your home to examine the situation or meet with you in their sales meetings to discuss pricing and other issues.

We limited the field to these 10 Wheaton, Illinois-based organizations depending on their ratings, average price, and project management skills. All of these businesses are “one-stop” remodelers, which means they provide both construction and maintenance services.

The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Best remodeling company
Kitchen remodel by The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

The Kitchen Studio, owned by Glen, is a full-service domestic interior design and construction enterprise with a 15-year track record. When they initially began, they started mainly focusing on kitchen remodeling. Still, as their customers began requesting them to undertake work in other areas — from bathrooms to living rooms and extensions – they were pleased to oblige. The company and its network of architects and collaborators can now assist you with everything from room design to furniture and set up in every area of your house.

De Groot Construction

Best remodeling company
Kitchen renovation by De Groot Construction

If you’re seeking the best remodeling companies in Wheaton, IL, go no further than De Groot Construction. They are a restoration firm that specializes in kitchen, underground, and bathroom renovations, among other things. Experts can take care of your mechanical and drainage systems and add capacity to any area in your home or assist you with a home building project.

VC Remodeling LLC

Best remodeling company
Bathroom remodel by VC Remodeling LLC

VC Remodeling is a family-owned and operated company. Each step of the way, they attempt to make you and the project as comfortable as possible. One of their primary goals is providing excellent customer service; they are accessible for inquiries during and after the job is completed to guarantee your total satisfaction. Attention to detail is the most critical part of any home improvement project. As a result, they handpick the finest professionals for each phase of your project.

Best Home Renovations

Top remodeling company
Kitchen renovation by Best Home Renovations

Steve Best has been a master builder for Best Home Renovations since 1997. Steve’s goal is to share his expertise in ancient Italian tile laying techniques with a clientele that loves quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Best Home Renovations today employs many master tile setters, expert carpenters, engineers, and plumbers and offers complete bathroom, kitchen, and underground design and remodeling solutions. The firm is still run and owned by a family.

Drury Design

Top remodeling company
Kitchen remodel by Drury Design

Their award-winning team of artists, support personnel, construction managers, and craftsmen go above and beyond to make you feel at ease throughout your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. They believe in creating kitchens and bathrooms that are both useful and attractive. But, most importantly, they pay attention and value your time and money. They adhere to a rigid timetable. Drury Designs will be there for you from the first conception through the final walk-through.

BGI Construction – Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Top remodeling company
Bathroom renovation by BGI Construction – Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Rafal founded BGI Construction to relieve the burden of home remodeling and provide a better experience for all consumers. On the job, they are a team dedicated to excellence and honesty. They make every effort to anticipate uncertainties and keep their clients up to date on all developments and challenges. 

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Best bathroom remodeling company
Bathroom remodel by RossRenovation

RossRenovation, one of the best remodeling companies in Wheaton, IL, provides a wide range of kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, office renovations, and apartment turnovers. Their package includes minor repair and installation services. This remodeling has supported people like you in imagining, arranging, and finishing remodeling projects to build dream environments for many years.

Showcase Decorators Design & Remodeling

Best bathroom remodeler
Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels

They have over two decades of expertise designing, renovating, and constructing homes at Showcase Decorators. Over the years, we’ve discovered that following their procedure makes your home remodeling job more enjoyable. The management uses cost-cutting tactics and alternatives without jeopardizing the innovative design features of your project.

Save on Kitchens

Best kitchen remodeling company
Kitchen renovation by Save on Kitchens

Save On Kitchens, Inc. is a home and commercial bathroom and kitchen remodeling contractor. They’ve been designing fantasy kitchens and bathrooms for more than two decades. Their licensed and insured experts will come to your house, offer recommendations, produce computational modeling, and provide you with a free quote.

Towne & Country Colonial

Best kitchen remodeler
Kitchen remodel by Towne & Country Colonial

One of the best remodeling companies in Wheaton, IL, Towne & Country Colonial is a certified, licensed, and supervised full-service contractor. They specialize in business and residential remodeling services. From estimates to completion, Towne & Country Colonial has supplied home and business customers with a comprehensive range of construction and renovation services since 1975.

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