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10 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Washington, DC

10 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Washington, DC

Choosing the best general contractor for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project is essential to have a hassle-free renovation experience.
We want to make it easier for you when you search kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling near me. So, we have gathered the best remodeling contractors in Washington, DC area for your convenience.
There are over 600 kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies with some type of showrooms in the entire DMV region and over 20,000 freelance contractors, kitchen designer and bathroom designer. It is not a good idea to get estimates from more than 5 contractors since all of them will have to visit your house to give you an estimate and/or probably meet you in their showroom to go over the kitchen design, bathroom design along with the estimate. We have researched tons of construction companies and zoom in on these six kitchen remodeler and bathroom remodeler stationed in Washington, DC based on their reviews, average pricing, and project management capabilities. All of these companies do complete kitchen remodel.

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Kitchen & Bath Shop

Top remodeling company
Kitchen Remodeling by Kitchen & Bath Shop

Kitchen & Bath Shop is a top remodeler with over 15 outlets within and around the DC region, Washington being one of its top service locations. Featured in well-known publications like Washington Post and local publications including DC Post, Frederick News-Post, Daily Caller, and Free Lance Star, Kitchen & Bath has performed exceptionally in the past years. 

It comprises a team of professionals and skilled staff who ensure you an optimum customer experience. Whether it is kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling or custom closets, their work will amaze you. Moreover, it is licensed, insured, and bonded, making it a reliable choice. You can even get a free estimate through the website of Kitchen & Bath Shop. Hence, if you are thinking of remodeling your home, Kitchen & Bath Shop is your perfect choice.

Monumental Contractors

Best remodeling company
Mark McCammon, Pexels

Monumental Contractors is a family-owned remodeling company delivering quality services for home improvement throughout the years. They serve in the DC metropolitan area. The team is driven by dedication towards each and every project, and they possess excellent artistry. As such, every project is completed with precision and utmost diligence.

Monumental Contractors is a trusted name in the market and can be a good choice if you are seeking remodeling services in the Washington area. Hence, you must reach out to them for further consultation for your remodeling project.

Four Brothers Design + Build

Best remodeling company
Kitchen Remodeling by Four Brothers Design + Build

Four Brothers Design + Build a family-operated company and has been in the business for over a decade. With a huge crowd of happy customers, this company has built a good name in the market as a trusted, skilled, and accountable remodeler. 

The staff consists of expert designers, architects, carpenters, team leaders, etc., who never fail to surprise you with top home additions as well as appreciable craftsmanship. Whether it’s the project timeline or quality of work, they give their best to keep you content and never compromise with your needs. Hence, it won’t be wrong to state that they are one of the finest remodelers in the region.

GBC Kitchen & Bath

Best remodeling company
Bathroom Remodeling by GBC Kitchen & Bath

GBC Kitchen & Bath is an award-winning remodeler in the Washington region. With its expertise in kitchen and bath remodeling, it stands out as a distinctive brand in the market. They take up both residential as well as commercial projects and impart elegance and quality craftsmanship to each work.

The assistance team provides constant support to every client in order to understand every little detail and aspiration. Hence, GBC Kitchen & Bath is an optimum choice for remodeling.

Case Architects & Remodelers

Top remodeling company
Lachlan Ross, Pexels

Case Architects & Remodelers help you turn your inspirations into beautiful designs. With 6 decades of experience, they have adapted well to innovating and ideating unique and timeless designs suiting the customer’s home remodeling needs. With excellent artisans, designers, builders, and managers, they produce better than expected results and ensure high-quality design installments.

They are dedicated to providing the best-customized services and a seamless customer experience. Hence, you can contact Case Architects & Remodelers for a great remodeling experience.

Landis Architects/Builders

Best remodeling company
Kitchen Renovation by Landis Architects/Builders

Landis Architects/Builders, founded in 1990, is a one-of-a-kind remodeler in the Washington area and is an expert at what it does. It provides remodeling and building services of all kinds and ensures premium results. The team of professionals promises to deliver a magnificent space where you can thrive.

Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity for its quality services of increasing home value. As such, has seen growth in both size and reputation. Hence, Landis Architects/Builders is a reliable remodeler that you must not miss out on!

NV Kitchen & Bath

Best remodeling company
Kitchen Remodeling by NV Kitchen & Bath

NV Kitchen & Bath is a well-established company serving in Washington for over 10 years. They provide remodeling services for kitchen, bath, basement, closet, etc. A staff of licensed professionals extends their home improvement services to plumbing, electricity, heating & cooling also. Hence, their services are impeccable and are of the highest quality.

It is an award company providing top-notch yet affordable services for its customers. Hence, you should definitely consider NV Kitchen & Bath as one of your top choices for remodeling.

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Best remodeling company

DC Metro Renovations, LLC

Top remodeling company
Pixabay, Pexels

DC Metro Renovations, LLC serves optimum remodeling services in the Washington area. They are competent remodelers And have performed commendably throughout the years in designing kitchens, bathrooms, basements and more! The prices are also reasonable and they are very transparent with costs. Their services are standardized, and they only make use of the finest and most durable products.

Owing to their fantastic services, you must reach out to DC Metro Renovations, LLC for detailed information and further guidance.

Ready Remodeling LLC

Best remodeling company
Kitchen Remodel by Ready Remodeling LLC

Ready Remodeling LLC is a renowned remodeler in the DC metro area and has experience of over a decade. Their home improvement services range from remodeling individual spaces to whole house renovations. Since they are backed with creative designers, visionary architects, skilled artisans, and managers, they never cease to surprise you with brilliant outcomes.

They assure the best possible results through constant consultation and discussion of ideas and flawless execution. Hence, it is a great choice to consider.

Dulles Kitchen & Bath

Dulles Kitchen bath kitchen remodel project
Kitchen Renovation by Dulles Kitchen & Bath

Dulles Kitchen & Bath provides you with superior choices in home improvement through years of experience and expertise in remodeling. They carefully plan everything with the client, with an eye for every minor detail, and execute it with great compassion and dedication.

They prioritize customer satisfaction over any material benefit and ensure complete worth for every penny spent. Hence, Dulles Kitchen & Bath has proved to be an excellent contractor for your remodeling needs in the Washington area.