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What Bathroom Vanities Work Best in Different Bathrooms (Master, Powder, Guest, Etc.)

What Bathroom Vanities Work Best in Different Bathrooms (Master, Powder, Guest, Etc.)


Bathrooms are an important part of your daily routine as you spend ⅓ of the day in the bathroom. In the morning, when you’re back home from work, and before you go to sleep.

You do more than just physically clean yourself. This helps to clear your mind and wash away the stress of the day or prepare yourself for the day. It’s a sacred ritual that puts you in the right state of mind and thus proving the importance of bathrooms.

Bathroom vanities play a significant role in creating the feel and mood of the bathroom. Now, different bathrooms have different bathroom vanities that would suit them depending on space and usability.

Regardless of the type of bathroom, one thing for sure is bathroom vanities are a pretty big deal. If you’re looking for a change or something that would better suit your needs, this guide helps with your choice.

Now before we get into specifics of bathroom vanities that suit each bathroom, let’s look at the factors to consider.


Factors to Consider

1. Mobility & Space

As much as you’d like to choose the fanciest bathroom vanity, ensure there’s enough space for you to open and close the drawers or shelves. Also, ensure that the walking path is not obstructed when you’re positioning your new bathroom vanity.

The bathroom vanity should be placed at an ideal location so that it won’t get easily damaged by external factors, for instance, the bathroom door accidentally banging into the bathroom vanity, etc.


2. Plumbing Relocation

In case you want to switch your bathroom vanity position from its original place for it to have a new look and feel, bear in mind the extra costs that would come in relocating the plumbing for your new bathroom vanity.

Unless you’re absolutely sure about relocating the new bathroom vanity, then, by all means, go ahead. Or else, the unnecessary cost could be easily avoided by making do with the original space.


3. Existing Features

While your bathroom vanity is getting a makeover, your other features are still the same. Therefore, opt for a bathroom vanity that would match your existing features and the layout of the bathroom.

Choosing a completely contrasting bathroom vanity would clash against the existing features making it look old. It would eventually guilt trip you into replacing all of it to suit the ambiance. Hence, select a bathroom vanity that meets your needs and the overall style of the bathroom.


4. Materials

Bathrooms are extremely humid and prone to frequent temperature changes. It’s wise to invest in a bathroom vanity that is made of a durable material and can withstand all these factors.

If the bathroom is frequently used, the material chosen should strongly resist wear and tear as well as damages. The look and feel of a bathroom vanity are important as it should be appealing to look at and suit the theme of the bathroom. Nonetheless, if the material is of low quality, you could be changing your bathroom vanity regularly. Talk about expenses!

Since the common issues have been covered, let’s get to the details in identifying the right bathroom vanity for the right bathroom.


Types of Bathroom Vanities


1. Master Bathroom

The master bathroom has the largest space. With that being said, it’s only ideal to go for a bathroom vanity that is large enough to fully utilize the space. Ensure that you and your partner have enough space for your own items on the vanity. If the master bathroom is entirely yours to use, then you won’t be complaining about the lack of space.

The best kind of vanity is the vanity designed for two where it’s extra-long and has two sinks together or two separate sinks. For this design, the sinks are placed next to each other but with enough space so that you don’t have to fight for it.

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Alternatively, you can have two separate vanities positioned at either back to back in the center or face to face in the opposite ends. You can get creative with how and what you’d like the vanity to be thanks to the amount of space that you can experiment with.


2. Powder Room

The powder room has the smallest space compared to the master bathroom and the guest or family bathroom. The key to the right bathroom vanity is making sure space is well utilized without making it smaller.

Floating vanities work best in a powder room being mounted on the wall. The bathroom appears bigger and spacious because the floor view is uncovered. Furthermore, getting a vanity with enough drawers and shelves will solve the lack of storage space issues.


3. Guest/Family Bathroom

Family members and guests who stay overnight would most commonly use this bathroom. And that means a lot of wear and tear and damages may occur. It’s best to get a vanity that is durable and long-lasting.

You could either get a vanity with a single sink or with double sinks especially when more than one family members need to use it. This makes storage an issue because this is a common space that is shared among family members. Getting a vanity with above and below storage and assigning one designated storage area for each family member can fix this.

Bathroom vanities are great to shop for as it comes in many new designs and textures. But with the guide above, you do have some key areas that you need to focus on before making the final decision, such as space, material, and storage.