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Hassle Free Bathroom Remodel

Hassle Free Bathroom Remodel


How to Make Bathroom Renovations a Fun Affair


How long does a bathroom renovation take? A week? year? A few months? Well, there is no definite answer because there are no fixed rules when it comes to renovating the most personal space in the house. And here is the thing about bathroom renovations: for every ten people who think about it, nine never do it because they either believe it is too complicated a process or simply cannot imagine a home where the bathroom is not accessible for a small period of time. 

The last point, of course, applies to homes that have only one bathroom. But even when there is more than one bathroom, some homeowners get very stressed about the whole process.

But worry not. A bit of planning, a bit of foresightedness (nothing magical, just online research) and some help from people who care is all you need to ensure a hassle-free experience

Which, of course, brings us to planning, because no civilization was ever built on a whim, and neither will a bathroom!


Plan So That You Don’t Pant

Remember when you forgot about an upcoming sale on Amazon only to find out later that your favorite gadget’s price dropped by 50%? Not planning your purchases during a bathroom renovation could have an even more severe result: it may cost you the toilet or a shower of your dreams. We all know budget restraints exist, so why not find a way to maximize what we can buy from it? 

The larger point is that timing your purchases and spreading your spending over a period can help you save a lot of money. Sure, you can do the entire shopping in a day and there is no reason why you shouldn’t if costs are within your budget. But for most house owners, renovations tend to be a slow, thought-out process due to the costs involved. If you are one of them, you should make sure that you do not only get the best deals but also get enough time to return something you don’t want. After all, a purple sink may seem like a good choice initially (or after a few drinks), but may not look nearly as neat after you have spent a day thinking about it. And in case you are going to involve professionals, buying in advance means you can book them in advance — fully aware that they have all the necessary material to work with. 


Make Vital Preparations

There is a reason why people fear renovations in general: the fear of dust flying everywhere in the house is enough to cause nightmares (and very real sneezes). If you are working with professionals, ask them what you can do in advance to prepare for the army of dust that will attack your home like some dust-apocalypse. Do you need a fan or will opening the windows suffice? Do you need to put a plastic curtain around the bathroom? Or is it better to completely vacate the place for a few days? 

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Where will you go when you need a bathroom? Can you rely on a neighbor, or will you have to time your ablutions according to where you are? Can you take a shower in the gym? Will the locker and shower hold enough clothes for a few days? Does the office have a reliable and working shower and if yes, can you use it regularly?

 If none of these questions make sense to you, do not discount public toilets; they are the saviors we need when we least expect it. Some cities even have apps to tell you where the toilets are located so that you can use them (with care and respect) to your advantage. If nothing works and you have a basement, you can ask the hired professionals to help you. They can help with setting up a spare bathroom or at least a shower temporarily. It is a little extra work and money, but if you would rather do that than ask your pesky neighbor for help, it is a perfectly viable option. 


It’s Not Done Until it is Done

Borrow a magnifying glass, get a white robe, pop a pipe in your mouth and go all Sherlock Holmes on your professional’s work. Check every last detail. Does the vanity show any flex? Do the cabinet doors creak? Is the plumbing perfect? Does the water drain fast enough and if not, why? Are there any leftover materials? Shards? Nails? Is the flush working perfectly? Is the countertop sealed right? You must have satisfactory answers to all these questions before you pay the professional and give them a good rating. Your involvement in the process is key to ensuring that it turns out according to your exact requirements.