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8 DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas You Need Right Now

8 DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas You Need Right Now

diy bathroom decor ideas

There is no reason to ignore a bathroom just because it is more functionality-oriented. A bathroom is as vital as any other room in the house. It also deserves everything from pretty designs to some easy DIY bathroom decor ideas.

It is a fact that bathroom renovations can cost you a lot, which is why we have come up with the quintessential DIY bathroom decor ideas that you would love to have in your bathroom, at the most budgeted price!

Whether you wish to go for a rustic vintage look or you want your bathroom state-of-the-art modern, there are plenty of DIY ideas for your bathroom makeover.

From hand-painted signs to mason jars to cool wall fixtures, this list has tons of easy and doable DIY bathroom decor ideas. These ideas neither burn a hole in your pocket nor consume your precious time!


1. Mason Jar Accessories

mason jar DIY bathroom decor ideas
Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Mason jars look pretty in any color. But white mason jars as bathroom décor give a rustic and vintage look to the bathroom. You can choose to leave your jars clear, whitewash them, or paint them in warm pastels or any other color.

Hang up your mason jars above your vanity with some flowers in them for an aesthetically pleasing sight in the bathroom!

You can keep these jars on cabinets or countertops in the bathroom, and you can use them, with or without the lids, to keep earbuds, brushes, lotions, cotton, etc. You can even hang up these mason jars as light fixtures by putting in a bulb inside. That will make some great, soft lighting for your bathroom.


2. Storage Ladder

Over the toilet ladder shelves are extremely easy to make. It makes for a great storage solution for your bathroom, and the rustic wooden look of the ladder adds a focal point in the bathroom that is generally bare. This DIY ladder with hanging baskets will cost you very little to make compared to the store-bought alternatives.

Simple DIY ideas as such add extra room for accessories and necessities in the bathroom without taking up any additional space. Similarly, it acts as a towel bar as well as storage. And what is better is that you can add more bars and hang more baskets if you wish to make extra space!


3. Floating Shelves

floating shelves in a bathroom
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Shelves are a must in the bathroom since you need storage space for all the hygiene products. You can make great floating shelves for your bathroom easily. All you need is wood and metal that gives a rustic and vintage look to your bathroom.

It is useful, as well as decorative. You can easily buy the brackets from any hardware store for a low price. Later, you can also get some wooden boards, and hang it up anywhere you like!

You can even swap wooden boards with wooden baskets for a better and more aesthetic look. These shelves are the best and the cheapest DIY bathroom decor ideas for your bathroom’s convenience.


4. Hanging Bathroom Sign

Farmhouse style ideas never go out of style! You do not always have to be ultra-modern and fancy for your house to look great. Hanging a sign over the bathroom door gives your house a vintage feel and helps your guests figure out your home’s layout.

These hanging signs are very inexpensive, and one can easily make them at home. All you will need is a plant hanger, a hook or cup holder, and a wooden plaque in whatever shape you want it to be.


5. Shower Floor

When you remodel a bathroom, it is always good to retile the floor. The bathroom’s entire flooring must be the same. However, you can make the shower floor different. An outdoor, natural, and rustic look of the bathroom floor upgrades the bathroom’s utilitarian, without making it boring or plain.

A ground of pebbles and grout gives you the feel of a garden or a stream bed. You can even set the color pattern as per your preference. These shower floors are customized, one of a kind, and you can easily do it at home yourself, without any professional help.


6. Towel Rack

towel rack DIY bathroom decor ideas
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Spruce up your bathroom by adding decorative backgrounds to your towel bars that become the focal point and adds character to your bathroom. Weathered wooden wall décor made from reclaimed items are incredibly inexpensive and easy to make. The unique rustic look gives an upgrade to your bare walls that can use some décor to spice them up!

If you do not wish to mess around with your freshly painted walls, you can always go for a repurposed window bathroom towel rack. It gives you the feel of an antique piece of art! Old windows at flea markets can use an idea like this to convert them into something simply gorgeous!


7. Customized Shampoo Bottles

A good remodeling project involves a vanity installation. If you have a vanity in the bathroom, you might want to consider adding a uniform set of containers for your cleansing liquids.

You can make customized bottles for shampoo, conditioners, and lotions at home and give your bathroom a rustic and homely feel.

This is one of the most useful and pocket-friendly DIY bathroom decor ideas, which involves using plain containers and adding decorative lettering to make them look expensive.

You can even add some decorative stickers on them or use a stencil to make designs. Once that is done, you can place these customized bottles on your vanity, your floating shelves, or cabinets.


8. Homemade Potpourri

homemade potpourri
Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Your bathroom should not just look nice, but it is equally important for it to smell nice. How about if we tell you how you can make your bathroom smell like autumn?

For instance, adding homemade potpourri in the bathroom made up of tangerine, clove, and cinnamon sticks in a dish makes the perfect DIY bathroom décor. Not only does it fill up your bathroom with an aromatic fragrance but also leaves you feeling fresh as soon as you enter the bathroom every time!