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DIY Home Improvement: Easy and Affordable Projects to Enhance Your Home

DIY Home Improvement: Easy and Affordable Projects to Enhance Your Home

DIY home improvement

USA today reported that amid inflation, more and more Americans are turning to DIY home improvement. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your home while on a budget, DIY certainly is the way to go. Affordable home improvement projects are a fantastic way to refresh, upgrade, or change up the aesthetic of your home. There are highly doable  and easy DIY projects for home improvement available to a range of people with varying DIY decorating skills. Not only do you save on labor costs, you enjoy the distinct satisfaction of a DIY job well done. Here are some doable and affordable DIY home improvement projects that you can undertake for your home. 

Paint a Room

Never underestimate the transformative powers of painting a room. Covering such a large surface area with something as simple as paint is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a dull space. Use paint to change up the aesthetic of a room by switching up colors or brighten up the existing look with a fresh coat of paint. With a handful of the right painting tools such as a paint brush, roller, primer and high quality paint, you can transform an entire room in the span of a weekend. 

Add a Custom Backsplash

When it comes to sprucing up your kitchen or bathroom, adding a backsplash is an excellent DIY home improvement project to consider. A backsplash is a triple treat as it gives a functional, decorative, and protective element. You can pick from a  wide array of materials and designs to suit any aesthetic. If you want a custom piece in your home without breaking the bank, a custom backsplash is an excellent choice. You can go classic with white subway tiles or do something unique like an artsy mosaic style backsplash. The best part is, regardless of how simple or intricate your design is, backsplashes are relatively easy to install. Even a novice DIY can achieve a beautifully installed backsplash and create a stunning focal point in their kitchen or bathroom. 

Update Your Cabinet Hardware

Consider replacing your old cabinet hardware with new, modern options. Doing so can update the entire aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom, all with minimal effort and tools required.

There are so many cabinet options to choose from, you can easily mix and match the design, material, handles and finish to your liking. As far as a DIY project goes, you can actually install an entire set of new cabinets within hours. Dedicate a weekend to remove your old cabinets and install new ones if you want a quick aesthetic upgrade to your space. 

Incorporate New Light Fixtures

Like a fresh paint job, light covers the majority surface area of any given space. Don’t underestimate the visual weight and influence good lighting can have in a given room. If you want to give your home a subtle but distinct improvement, switch up the lighting. 

You can opt to replace outdated light fixtures, remove current ones to match a certain aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, or even simply replacing bulbs to more energy efficient ones, or a mix of all. The idea is to mix and match various light fixtures to act as functional and decorative pieces. For instance a mix of pendant lights, a floor lamp, and recessed lights can really make a living room feel cozy and inviting. Layer up ambient lights with task lights for custom brightness to suit your mood and any occasion. 

Revive And Refinish Furniture

Sometimes, a fresh coat of varnish or a new layer of upholstery is all it takes to revive beloved pieces of furniture that are looking worse for wear. Refinishing old furniture is a great way to prolong their lifespan, maximize their use, and stay within budget. Before you toss out your perfectly intact couch or overhaul your dining chairs, check if they’re still fully functional. If aesthetics are the only reason you find yourself wanting to toss out old furniture, know that there are re-finishing options to get them looking and feeling new again. 

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For instance, you can sand down old finishes from wooden furniture. You essentially have a blank canvas to work with to paint or refinish as you see fit. With the right tools and equipment, any old furniture in your home is a visual piece waiting to be refreshed and updated. 

Inject Personality With A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a lovely crowning piece in your home to showcase the unique personalities within your household. Think of it as a real life pinterest board. Dedicated as the backdrop for your own custom gallery. You can have something as simple as curated artwork, or an entire display of photos, souvenirs, mirrors and art pieces that are significant to you and your family. 

The idea is to create a unique yet cohesive display. This is a fun and very cost-friendly DIY project. All you need are the appropriate mounts and a power drill to get your pieces up. We suggest planning the layout before committing to hanging them on the wall. With a little planning and power drilling, you can have a stunning gallery wall in a matter of hours. 

DIY home improvement projects are suitable for anyone. Regardless if you’re on a budget or not, if you’re a savvy DIY’er or not, there’s a DIY decorating project that you can undertake. Keep in mind that the key to success with home renovation ideas is having the proper tools on hand as well as planning accordingly. Focus on one DIY project at a time and build up to more complex DIY tasks as you improve and gain confidence. With ever increasing inflation, DIY is a valuable skill anyone who wants to improve their home should know. Invest in your time and right tools and to get the home aesthetic you want.