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How to Reorganize Your Closet Without Losing Your Mind

How to Reorganize Your Closet Without Losing Your Mind


How to Reorganize Your Closet Without Losing Your Mind


Here’s a simple test before we start the article: think of a piece of clothing you bought last year. Now, think of something you wish to pair it with. Now, in your home, open your closet and start a stopwatch. If you can find both these items within a minute without plundering your closet, well done. Skip this article because it is an ode to people like you. But if you end up discovering clothes you never knew you owned during this test, read on more carefully.

No matter the size of the closet, it is important to remember that the best custom closet is an organized closet. We are all taught about the advantages of keeping our closet clean as kids; just as we are taught to brush twice a day and never cross the street without looking in both directions. But like most habits, some people do it better than othersBut before we talk about how to organize your closet, here are some reasons why you should do it.  


Why Do You Need an Organized Closet 


  • To Find What You Need: Just like the test we did above, it is only when you have an organized closet that you will find what you need to wear. It is easier and far more efficient because you only take out what you need and leave the rest untouched. 
  • To Make More Space: Only an organized closet shows you how much space you have to put new clothes. When everything is allocated to space, you get an idea of what you can buy and still store without worries. Having an idea about your current storage space allows you to decide if you need to buy additional standalone shelves or shelves as well.
  •  Easier to Separate Different Types of Clothes: An organized closet always keeps clean and dirty clothes separate. Mixing them can cause a horrible stench inside the closet and is also not hygienic. Similarly, clothes for different seasons can be moved accordingly, leaving enough space for other items too. 


Now that we have done our part in reminding you why you need to reorganize your closet, here is how you go about doing it. It is best to do this exercise on a day you have time at hand. You can also get your friends involved in this process if you (and they) feel like.  


How to Sort Out Clothes in a Day 


Be Ruthless 

If ‘reorganizing’ is simply about refolding clothes and placing them properly, it should not take a lot of your time. But if your closet looks more like a dirty pile than a stack of nice clothes, you need to take strong steps for this project. Start with categorizing clothes into three types: 

  • Keep: Simply put, clothes you cannot imagine living without. From that blue shirt to comfy denim and a trusted pair of linen trousers — basically whatever you can’t do without. Keep them aside. 
  • Sell and Profit: You are likely to have branded clothing that is in good condition but does not appeal to you at all. Sites like Thredup, Etsy and the RealReal along with more common sites like eBay are good places to declutter and make some nice profit by selling those. If you can’t sell all, donate some. Warm clothes are best for this purpose as there is always someone less fortunate who can benefit from your kindness. 
  • Discard: Clothes you can’t imagine wearing, selling or even worse, donating. They are so ugly that merely seeing them reminds you of the mistakes you made in life. Discard them and never see them again! 


This exercise helps you understand what you NEED in your home. Now, you can sort your attire accordingly. If you still find yourself having too much junk — repeat the above three steps, but this time with a friend.  


 How to Store Clothes More Efficiently 


Sorting the clothes is only half the job done; the next is to ensure you store them efficiently and don’t end up back to square one. Here are some tips to do the same:  

  • Keep Shoes Vertically: This is a simple solution to store shoes without letting them take extra space. If you wish to keep them separately, you can keep them in a low shoe stand for more space. 
  •  Add More Shelves: Thumb rule: If you have more than 12 inches (a foot) of a gap between shelves, add another shelf. You can customize them according to your needs. Lower and multiple shelves create more space for storing folded clothes while the gap between the shelves can be used to hang clothes and/or keep boots.  
  • Store: Winter clothes and quilts are needed only for a certain time of the year. Do not let them occupy space in your closet during other times; keep them above the closet or store them in other places like under your bed.  
  • Buy a Standalone Shelf: If your existing closet does not have the desired space, consider buying a shelf instead of piling more clothes in your closet. A shelf will give you space to keep different items on display so handbags, belts, jewelry, and other items can be kept in this place thereby freeing space inside the closet.