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35 Best Small Closet Ideas in 2024

35 Best Small Closet Ideas in 2024

A walk-in closet can be quite a luxury. Who can say no to pretty drawers, tons of hanging space, and even an island at the center? As good as it sounds, that might not always be possible. However, it does not mean you cannot have a beautiful closet. Look at some of the most stunning small closet ideas of 2024 and transform your space!

Check out some of the best small closet ideas of 2024!


closet design inspo
Handmade Weekly

This closet is designed with a focus on functionality, featuring a central column of drawers, dedicated shoe shelving on the side, and hanging space for dresses and shirts, utilizing a neutral color palette and sleek hardware for a modern, cohesive look.

Little Miss Party Planner

This bright space is designed with an open layout featuring multiple brass hanging rods at varying heights for an array of clothes, complemented by a stylish light fixture above and a plush ottoman below, creating a chic and functional dressing space.

closet design inspo

The closet is bold and eclectic, designed with vibrant lime green doors, a central chest of drawers, glass shelving for accessories and handbags, and ample hanging space on either side, all illuminated by a statement light fixture that adds a touch of glamour.

closet design inspo

The closet presents a nature-inspired design, with wallpaper that features leafy patterns, complemented by white storage boxes on the top shelf, a central area with hanging space and a pull-out shoe rack, and a built-in shelf with a stool, creating a serene and organized dressing area.

closet design inspo
Monika Hibbs

This all-white closet is designed with a luxurious and modern feel, featuring two levels of brass-accented hanging rods for clothing, a high shelf for designer boxes, and a central chest of drawers with a decorative vignette above it, creating an elegant and organized space.

small closet ideas
The Greenspring Home

This walk-in closet is designed with a central built-in dresser flanked by open shelving filled with wicker baskets, and multiple levels of hanging rods on each side for various clothing items, all under a rounded ceiling with a centered light fixture.

small closet ideas
Old House Online

The closet is designed as a built-in wardrobe with a classic aesthetic, featuring sage green paneled doors, a central unit with drawers and open shelving, and side compartments with hanging space and additional shelves for clothing and shoes.

closet ideas for small spaces
Serena Joyce Pinterest

This tiny closet is designed with a modern and luxurious feel, utilizing white built-in shelving and drawers to showcase an array of high-end handbags, neatly organized clothing, and accessories, with a dedicated display for shoes and sunglasses.

kiddie closet
The Turquoise Home

This corner closet is designed as a compact, reach-in wardrobe with a combination of high shelving for boxes, a middle section with a hanging rod for clothes, lower shoe storage, and side drawers, all fitted within a narrow space and finished with a warm light fixture above.

The Pink Dream

The closet is elegantly designed with a feminine touch, featuring multiple hanging sections for dresses and tops, top shelves with decorative storage baskets, and a central vanity area with drawers, a mirror, and space for jewelry and cosmetics.

Hello Jessen

The design of this closet incorporates a central unit with drawers and open shelving topped with wicker baskets, flanked by two sections of hanging rods for clothes, all set within a clean, white structure that maximizes storage in a compact space.

Inspired by This | Pinterest

This closet is designed as a small walk-in, featuring a central chest of drawers, surrounded by multiple shelves and hanging spaces on either side, complete with a full-length mirror at the end, and utilizing a light color palette to create a bright and airy space.

small walk in closet
Architecture Art Designs

Theis long, narrow walk-in closet is with built-in white cabinetry on one side, featuring multiple drawers and hanging spaces, and an open shelf display on the opposite wall, complemented by recessed lighting and a hardwood floor that adds warmth to the space.

closet ideas
Canva Image

This closet features a well-organized design with multiple sections for different clothing types, ample shelving for folded items, drawers for smaller garments, and designated shoe storage, all in a neutral color scheme to complement the variety of clothes and accessories.


closet covered with curtain

This closet is designed with an open concept, featuring upper shelves for storage boxes, a lower section with a hanging rod for clothes, and shoe storage at the bottom, all built into a niche behind a full-length curtain, seamlessly integrating into the room with a cozy and accessible layout.

small closet ideas

Photo by Tanamera Construction / TC Homes

A small, neutral-colored walk-in closet idea with a decent amount of drawers, hanging space, and shelves.

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Photo by Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets

A chic-looking modern closet design with glass front cabinets. It has medium-tone wood cabinets, is gender-neutral, and is an excellent option when it comes to small closet organization ideas.

Photo by MC3 Matt’s Closets, Cabinets & Coatings
A stylish carpeted transitional reach-in closet with flat panel cabinets and light wood cabinets.
small closet ideas
Photo by John Robert Wiltgen Design, Inc.

Open cabinets and medium-tone wood cabinets in a small, trendy men’s closet.

small closet ideas
Photo by Singer Kitchens

A classy medium-tone wood floor and brown floor reach in small closet idea for men.

small closet ideas
Photo by Inspired Closets Vermont

Maximize your closet space with smart small closet design ideas similar to this. This closet by Inspired Closets Vermont has a neutral-toned appearance with plenty of hanging area and open shelving for your shoes.

small closet ideas
Photo by Nataliya @ Closet Factory (CT & NY)

Medium tone wood floor and brown floor reach-in small closet idea perfect for small spaces.

small closet ideas
Photo by TZ of Madison, Inc.
A modern small closet idea with ceramic tile and white flat panel cabinets.
small closet ideas
Photo by Plan A Design Group

Looking for small closet organizing ideas? Here’s the perfect example – a transitional closet with wood wood-tone floor and white open cabinets.

small closet ideas
Photo by Schroeder Design/Build, Inc.

Dark wood flooring, open hanging space and a full length mirror makes your small closet look spacious. Here’s an excellent example by Schroeder Design/Build Inc.

small closet ideas
Photo by Jennifer Kizzee Design

Open white cabinets with curved corners gives the closet a stylish look. The tool adds to its aesthetics.

small closet ideas
Photo by Organization & Relocation
Classic women’s closet with wood tone color and open shelving.
small closet ideas
Photo by Organized Living
Chic small closet idea with carpeted floor, white open cabinets, shelves, and drawers with crown molding.
small closet ideas
Photo by ORA Studio NYC by Giusi Mastro
Chic and modern small closet idea with wood tone flat cabinets.
small closet ideas
Photo by Built-Rite Closets
Another great example of maximizing small closet space – a gender-neutral medium-tone wood floor and brown floor reach-in closet with flat-panel cabinets and dark wood cabinets.
small closet ideas
Photo by Dijeau Poage Construction
A great example of small closet ideas, here exterior deck area was removed to create this 4’-6” wide by 14’-6” long closet with a timeless light wood floor and white compartments.
small closet ideas
Photo by Holmes Hole Builders LLC
Smart usage of the attic with wood flooring and open shelves turned into a modern and chic-looking small closet.
small closet ideas
Photo by Deborah Broockerd/Closet Factory
An elegant small walk-in closet with white recessed panel cabinets and medium-tone wood floor.
small closet ideas
Photo by Blu Ink Interiors, Interior Design, Kitchen & Bath
An elegant small closet idea with porcelain tile and beige floor walk-in closet is every girl’s dream!
small closet ideas
Photo by Virginia Bishop Interiors
A classy women’s small walk-in closet made even classier with medium-tone wood and open light wood cabinets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maximize a small closet?

If you have a lot of clothes that can be hung, you can install an extra closet rod which will double the amount of hanging space. Slim profile hangers are excellent space savers.

How to organize a small closet with lots of clothes?

Here are a few ways to organize a small closet with lots of clothes:

  • Add shoe drawers to store your favorite pair of shoes safely. Even better, you can also use these drawers to store your bags, stoles, tops, daily wear clothes and a lot more.
  • Add a double rod to create more hanging space.
  • Install a coat rack for your sling bags, handbags, and bulky coats and jackets.
  • Add over-the-door organizers to store small items such as your sunglasses, wallets, etc.
  • Do not underestimate cloth dividers. They can help you stay organized which allows you to store more clothes.