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10 Best Granite Places in Fairfax

10 Best Granite Places in Fairfax

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When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or your entire home, one of the prime accessories that can jazz up your space is the countertop you pick. Whether it’s the cabinets, or the countertops, or even the flooring, countertop has the power to add a regal touch to any space. Choosing the right countertop that matches your kitchen’s interior decor is crucial, if you don’t want to mess up the overall look. Once you decide the kind or color of granite, you need to look for the best granite places in Fairfax.

With the market flooding with scores of granite suppliers, it’s hard to determine the reliability of a place. But worry not! After careful consideration, we have come up with a list of the 10 best granite places in Fairfax for you to check out. Be it quality or service delivery, these places are bound to amaze you. Go on, take a look!

Granite ASAP

If you’re looking for a high-rated granite place in VA, you’ve come to the right spot. You can pick your type from a vast array of options. Granite ASAP offers only the best quality material and also handles the entire process from fabrication to installation. If you wish to know more details, contact the team of Granite ASAP today!

Star Granite & Marble

Star Granite & Marble has been in business since 2000, offering polished ready-to-use natural stones for homeowners in and around Fairfax. The brand never compromises on quality and gets its granite from the best sources in the country. The team here is always available to resolve your queries and assist you with any service, from delivery to installation.

Better Granite Garcia

With a long-standing market presence for over 20 years, Better Granite Garcia is a must stop if you’re looking for a top-notch granite place in the DMV region. You can get in touch with the design team who can guide you in selecting the ideal piece and also customize the color or texture the way you prefer it for your kitchen countertops, bathroom cabinets, etc. 

Dominion Granite & Marble

What sets Dominion Granite & Marble apart from its peers in the business is its 5-step backgrinding process. You get your stone personalized as per your liking. The brand provides both natural and engineering products, while maintaining optimal quality. Get in touch with the team to make your selection and discuss your budget so they can plan a service delivery accordingly. 

Stone Style Design

The foundation of Stone Style Design lies in trust and reliability. The brand puts their customers first and puts in their best effort to customize their services to suit the customers’ needs. Stone Style is known for the remarkable quality of its products and its expert team will never give you an opportunity to complain during your home improvement project.

iDesign Granite

iDesign Granite strives to deliver premium services and products for an affordable price. The iDesign team here boasts of a combined experience of more than 15 years and has in-depth knowledge of materials and textures. If you are in doubt, you are in the right hands. The designers leave no stone unturned in getting you the right product and also executing the fabrication and installation.

Tops of the Town LLC

Established in 1985, Tops of the Town has carved its own niche in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry. The brand exhibits a stunning collection of stones—both natural and engineered—for you to pick from. The craftsmen have a fine eye for detail and work in full force to give you what you desire. Besides, the pricing is affordable which makes it an approachable brand.

Palmyra Stone

Palmyra Stone is a high-rated brand when it comes to granite selection. Once you have come up with a design, you can talk to the team of Palmyra to zero in on the right granite that fits your vision. The company offers durable products along with exceptional customer service, making it the reliable brand that it is.

Fairfax Marble and Granite

Specializing in fireplaces to vanity tops, Fairfax Marble and Granite has a lot to offer. Having served for over 22 years, the company is on a strong footing. The quality of its products is unmatched and more so, its incredible team seamlessly manages every part of the game, be it design selection or installation of pieces. 

Gold Cabinets & Countertops

Wondering where to find the perfect granite for your home improvement project? In that case, you might want to check out Gold Cabinets & Countertops. The brand houses a massive collection of high-performance countertops and cabinets. Another big plus is that the team helps you get through the entire remodeling journey without a hiccup.