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How to Maintain Your Granite Countertops Easily

How to Maintain Your Granite Countertops Easily

Maintain Your Granite Countertops

When it comes to selecting durable yet aesthetic countertops for kitchens, more people now opt for granite. It is emerging as a practical and striking choice for homeowners who are either remodeling or want a new kitchen. Are you wonder about ‘How to Maintain Granite countertops’.

While granite countertops have become a showstopper in almost every household, keeping them in pristine condition is a task. It becomes imperative to take good care of them to maintain the durability and sheen intact.

Most people believe that taking care of granite countertops can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. You can follow a proper maintenance regime to keep the countertops in good condition.

Are you wondering how to maintain the granite countertops? Dive right in to find your complete guide on taking care of them.


Maintaining Granite Countertops
Photo by Barion McQueen from Pexels


How Can You Take Care of Granite Countertops?

Each piece of the granite countertop is a unique piece of art, which can be a stunning addition to your kitchen. Granite is also highly versatile and gives the homeowner a choice between a range of colors. It can easily complement any design scheme or décor and add to the aesthetics.

Granite is a popular choice for home improvement projects that includes countertops for a kitchen or bathroom. To preserve the investment in granite countertops, you must care for them regularly and properly.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep the countertops shining for years:


#1 Apply a Sealer

The best way to protect granite countertops from stains or dirt is by sealing them off with a stone sealer. People tend to seal counters every 6 to 12 months, but you must not over seal the stone.

A dark granite countertop is less porous, denser, and less prone to damage from staining. If your granite countertop is dark, it will require sealing much less frequently than the darker countertop.

If you’re wondering whether to seal the granite countertop or not, you can do a simple test. Place a water towel soaked in water directly on the countertop for about 5 minutes. If you think there is discoloration in the area under the towel, it implies that you need to seal the granite to protect it from spills and stains.   


#2 Clean With a Simple Solution


Granite countertop maintenance
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

When cleaning the granite countertops, you must not use generic cleaning solutions like glass cleaners, degreasers, or bleach. It can degrade the granite sealer and also make the countertop vulnerable to staining.

You can rather use a simple solution of soap and water. It will help you clean the granite countertop while still keeping it safe and intact.   


#3 Take Precautions While Cooking

The countertop majorly suffers from damage when you are cooking. So, you must be cautious and take a few precautions while you are working on the countertops. Ensure you don’t keep any acidic foods like lemon, oranges, or even nectarines on them, as the acidity can leave stains.

If you place the meat on the countertop directly, the bacteria may get inside the pores and damage it. Often, something as basic as oil stains from the underside of oil containers or bottles can discolor the granite. It may happen if the bottle usually stays in the same place on your countertop.   


#4 Keep Sharp Objects Away

Another way to maintain the granite countertops in the kitchen is by ensuring sharp objects don’t come in contact with it. While chopping vegetables, you can use a chopping board. It will not only protect your fingers but also protect the countertop from developing any ridges.

You might also want to get rid of your diamond ring, especially while cooking. Diamond is a hard stone that can cause chipping to your precious granite countertop. It will prevent any damage, and the countertop will be in good condition for a long time.  


#5 Keep It Dry


Granite countertop care
Photo by Barion McQueen from Pexels

It is highly common to spill liquids on top of the countertop. The liquid can cause damage, but the quicker you clean it up, the less damage will be.

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Whenever there is a spill on the countertop, you can blot it with a paper towel or soft cloth, clean it with a granite cleaner, and dry the area using a clean cloth. Make sure you blot and not wipe since wiping may spread the spill.  


#6 Avoid Chips

In the case of granite countertops, there are high chances that you will bang something on the edges, leading to chipping. They can become prone to chipping if you’re placing large or heavy pots around the granite countertops. Even if there is a chip, you can save and find the chipped-out piece to epoxy it back later on.   


#7 Use Hot Pads for Pans

Granite is one of the most durable stones. However, if you are wondering how to maintain granite countertops, always avoid placing hot pans or pot directly on it.  It is wise to use trivets or hot pads when putting hot pans down from the gas.

Even though granite is tough, extreme temperature changes can adversely impact it and might even crack it. When you place the hot utensils on a pad, it can prevent this problem altogether.  


#8 Avoid Sitting or Standing on It


Maintaining a granite countertop
Photo by Barion McQueen from Pexels

While it goes without saying, you must not apply too much pressure on the countertops. Unlike the popular laminate countertop surface, the granite is hard but not flexible and lacks plywood backing. If you put too much pressure on one place, it can lead to cracks.   


#9 Don’t Store Liquids Directly On the Countertop

There are plenty of times when bottles of cooking oil or other liquids in your kitchen start leaking. These minute spills or leaks can often go unnoticed. Even if you seal the bottle properly, the liquid can stay on the granite surface for an extended period and leave stains.

The best way to care for the granite countertop in this situation is by installing a shelf or tray in the kitchen. You can store all these bottles there to avoid causing any damage to granite countertops. 

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