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7 Must-Do Winter Home Improvement Projects

7 Must-Do Winter Home Improvement Projects

With winter around the corner, it is time to take care of some of the most essential winter home improvement projects to protect your home from the freezing months.

Who doesn’t love the fall, sipping a hot beverage beside the fireplace watching your favorite movie show? Get your home cozy and warmed up for the upcoming chilly season with some of the winter home improvement projects!

Why Should You Repair & Remodel Before The Winter?

  • It will save you money since it is a less busy season for remodeling contractors.
  • Projects like insulating your home can help you save energy bills during the winters.
  • Remodeling before winter will prevent opening up your home for projects during the cold months.

7 Must-Do Winter Home Improvement Projects To Tackle

Insulating Your Attic

how to insulate an attic
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The cold weather is approaching, and keeping our homes warm and comfortable has never been more important. Since heat or warm air tends to rise upwards, insulating your attic is the most logical decision. Insulating your attic is also important to cut down on energy bills.

You can insulate your attic in two ways – by blowing in loose-fill cellulose insulation or by installing fiberglass batts between ceiling joists.

Duration of procedure: 3 to 5 working days
Total cost of procedure: $2000 to $2500

Gutter Cleaning

how to clean gutters
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Making an annual habit of cleaning out gutters before the winter sets in should be in every home-owners to-do list. Cleaning gutters before they get clogged is the best way to maintain a smooth- flowing gutter system. A yearly clean up is always a good idea, but of course, assess your gutters. Factors like heavy leaf fall and storms always warrant a gutter check.

Deck Refinishing

how to refinish a deck
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Regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning are some of pivotal steps to follow before you dive into “how to refinish a deck”. 

Decks are structures typically made of wood, steel beams and plastic. Regardless of how well made decks are, they aren’t immune to the wear and tear of being outdoors. Sun, wind, rain and the inevitable wearing down over time will leave decks in need for some much-needed refinishing. And the best time to refinish your deck is before the onset of winter,

Cleaning Your Chimney

how to clean a chimney
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Cleaning your chimney before the onset of fall is the most logical as you can expect heavy usage of your fireplace. Over the year, fallen leaves, ash build up etc can clog your chimney making it an unpleasurable experience when you light it up during the winters. Hence, make sure you’re cleaning it up before the chilly season.

Winterizie Above Ground Pool

How To Winterize An Above Ground Pool
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Winterizing your pool is for preventative maintenance. It’s also easier to winterize your pool prior to winter than dealing with bigger issues when spring comes along. The same way you’d clean out your pool water during summer, sealing off your pool with clean water saves you from dealing with algae overgrowth and irreversibly unbalanced water. 

Additionally, winterizing your above ground pool prevents damage from cold and/or ice among your pool frame, pipes and pumps. 

Depending on where you live, when temperatures begin to fall below 65º, take it as the go-signal to close your pool.

Fertilize Your Lawn

how to fertilize lawn
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Undeniably, upkeeping your lawn is one of the most essential home projects to tackle before the onset of fall. Grass is as susceptible to weather variance as we are, and they need proper nutrients to last a frigid winter. Fertilizing ahead of the growing season helps your lawn grow healthy, green, and luxuriant when the temperature warms up. 

The grass root system stores energy reserves from nutrients such as nitrogen before they go dormant in the winter. With the onset of spring, you will be rewarded with fresh, green blades of grass!

Paint Home Exterior

paint home exterior
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Like you pick out the best interior colors for every room in your house, it is essential to choose the right exterior color for your home improvement. The hue you choose to paint can significantly affect the mood and vibe of the house. And that is why it is necessary to scan through the best of the home exterior paint ideas.

The exterior color of your house is a major decision to make while remodeling your home. You must like what you see and love coming to it! And if you plan to put your home on sale sometime in the future, the right exterior color will attract the most extensive range of buyers too!