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10 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Companies in Manassas, VA

10 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Companies in Manassas, VA

top remodeling companies Manassas VA

Choosing from the top remodeling companies in Manassas, VA is quite the task. We understand the importance of choosing a committed and trustworthy remodeling company as an important step for remodeling your home. Moreover, it should perform an excellent job in terms of quality and not compromise with the quality of materials. 

However, choosing a reliable remodeling contractor is not a simple task. It involves sifting through hundreds of portfolios to find the one that truly fits all your criteria. For this reason, we have decided to prepare a list of top remodeling companies in Manassas, VA, that can carry out comprehensive remodeling work. 

Kitchen & Bath Shop

Kitchen & Bath Shop is one of the most recognized remodeling contractors in Manassas, VA, with an outstanding track record of completing even the most complex remodeling project in the specified time period.

Furthermore, their unbeatable reputation is endorsed by their clients who are satisfied with the work and the guarantee of quality the Kitchen & Bath Shop provides for each project.


Kitchen & Bath Shop Manassas VA

Moreover, it has 15 showrooms spread across the VA area that further solidify its reputation. In addition to that, Kitchen & Bath Shop maintains a team of professionals who have the necessary skills and qualifications to carry out the work with care and precision.

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Bull Run Kitchen & Bath

Bull Run Kitchen & Bath is another top remodeling company in Manassas, VA, offering top-notch remodeling services. To uphold the highest standards of quality and work ethics, they have a group of highly skilled professionals that are able to satisfy even the smallest details of their clients, regardless of the scale or complexity of the remodeling project.

Furthermore, Bull Run Kitchen & Bath holds a distinct reputation for respecting each project’s architectural and aesthetic tastes. They are known for their quality work and excellent services.

Moreover, Bull Run Kitchen & Bath holds all the required licenses and insurance, so you can have peace of mind that qualified and certified experts are handling your remodeling project.


Bull Run Kitchen & Bath Manassas VA

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NVS Kitchen & Bath

NVS Kitchen & Bath is one of the most distinguished remodeling companies in Manassas, VA. Whether you are thinking of a comprehensive full-scale renovation or just a cosmetic touch-up of the space, you will find NVS Kitchen & Bath perfectly suited for the job.

No project is small or insignificant for them, and they go to extra lengths to achieve excellence in their work, always respecting the requirements and preferences of the clients.

Moreover, they have extensive work experience in the space, and each of their projects is characterized by meticulous project management, attention to detail, and extreme care for the work.


NVS top remodeling companies Manassas VA

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Virginia Kitchen and Bath

Virginia Kitchen and Bath is another well-known company that has shown a tremendous aptitude for quality work throughout its existence. As a result, they have become a benchmark in the sector of comprehensive remodeling work.

Whether there is a major remodeling work or a specific renovation in living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms, you can count on their services with a full guarantee of perfection and quality. The company is certified with all the necessary licenses and insurance. Besides, it offers competitive pricing plans; however, no financing options are available. 

Furthermore, the company operates three flagship stores that offer turnkey remodeling solutions to the Manassas, VA, and neighboring areas. 


Virginia Kitchen and Bath Manassas

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Dream Kitchen Bath Closet

Moving onwards, we have Dream Kitchen Bath Closet, another highly competent and extensively experienced remodeling company in the Manassas, VA area. The company excels in all forms of home remodeling aspects, from the kitchen to the living room and bathroom.

Likewise, if you wish a complete overhaul of the space, the high-quality workmanship and affordable price of the Dream Kitchen Bath Closet are hard to match. They are insured, have the required licenses, and enjoy high credibility and a trustworthy reputation among their clients.


Dream Kitchen Bath Closet top remodeling companies manassas

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OHI Design

Another highly reputed Remodeling contractor in Manassas, VA, with the best ratings from clients, is OHI Design. The highly efficient staff of OHI Design fully engage with the remodeling project. They understand clients’ requirements and strive hard to achieve them. Furthermore, they offer free estimates and a custom design so that the clients can visualize how the space will look after the completion of the project.

Moreover, OHI Design strives to keep the remodeling project as stress-free as possible. Likewise, they offer all design, materials, labor, permits, and warranty. This will give you complete peace of mind to its clients and a hassle-free remodeling experience.


OHI Design top remodeling companies Manassas

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Dulles Kitchen & Bath

Dulles Kitchen & Bath is a company with solid technical profiles in terms of architecture and design. They are a Class A, licensed, and insured remodeling company near Manassa, VA. Although their team seems young and energetic, they bring vast experience in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.

Moreover, Dulles Kitchen & Bath has a portfolio that comprises thousands of satisfied customers. They strictly adhere to their philosophy of transparency, commitment to innovation and aim to meet clients’ preferences and requirements in every way possible.


Dulles Kitchen & Bath Manassas VA

Consequently, they offer quality remodeling work based on the initial forecasts of the projects. They ensure that the final results do not exceed the agreed-upon budget and reflect the client’s requirements.

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GS Custom Remodelers LLC

Another company that stands out for its exceptional quality of work and reasonable price in Manassas, VA, is GS Custom Remodelers LLC.

Their strength is their highly creative and innovative team of professionals and their expertise in carrying on remodeling projects of immense complexity in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Furthermore, they boast meticulous execution, expertise in project management, rigorous and attentive work, and extreme respect for deadlines.


GS Custom Remodelers LLC Manassas

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Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling

Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling is an experienced and dynamic remodeling company with a reputation for going the extra mile for their client satisfaction. Additionally, their strong point is their capability of carrying out comprehensive remodeling and construction work.

As such, Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling holds a decade-long experience and offers efficient, comprehensive, and specialized work management. Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling specializes in kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, and local renovations. They have a team of qualified professionals to carry out any remodeling task at hand.


Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling Manassas VA

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Woodbridge Kitchen & Bath Granite

Woodbridge Kitchen & Bath Granite is one of the best remodeling companies offering its services in Manassas, VA. It stands out from its competitors for several reasons. First is their ability to achieve the most satisfactory results, no matter the scale or the complexity of the project.

Second is their dedicated team of highly adept and proficient experts well versed in planning, designing, execution, and management while respecting the architectural and aesthetic preferences of the clients.

And lastly, their vast and diverse portfolio involves hundreds of successful remodeling projects and satisfied clients. Almost all of their services offered are in-house. This translates to more accurate timelines, better budget control, and seemingly no delays in work.


Woodbridge Kitchen & Bath Granite top remodeling companies Manassas

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