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Which Are The Top Remodeling Companies in Centreville, VA?

Which Are The Top Remodeling Companies in Centreville, VA?

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So you’ve decided to install a new bathtub, or you’ve finally decided on new kitchen tiling. Hiring a professional remodeling company in Centreville, VA, is the only way to go if you don’t want to do the job alone or don’t have the energy or abilities to handle bathroom or kitchen remodeling by yourself. 

However, choosing a home remodeling company can be challenging: how can you tell whether they’re skilled at a job you have no experience with? Fret not! Just look over our top 6 remodeling companies in Centreville, VA, and find your perfect match right here. 


NV Kitchen and Bath 


The top priority at NV Kitchen and Bath is to ensure that all of their clients are completely satisfied. They value transparent communication and high-quality practices. Similarly, they also take pride in delivering on budget and one time, either your house or business in Rockville, Bethesda, Centreville, and the nearby areas. Your next home renovation is in good hands.

NV Kitchen and Bath will take care of any home renovation, ensuring that the concept for your home comes to reality! They are the professionals you can rely on for any size home remodel, big or little. Begin your consultation for your next remodeling or home improvement project by filling out the form below.

They include 

  • Home Additions.
  • Bathroom Remodeling.
  • Kitchen Remodeling and more. 


NV Kitchen and Bath Reviews:

nv kitchen and bath centreville


HandyMensch Home Renovation 


“We don’t increase the size of your property. We help you and your family make the most of the space you have.”

HandyMensch Home Renovation excels in remodeling jobs that are too big for a local carpenter and too little for a general contractor specializing in significant expansions. Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, deck building, and significant structural repairs/modifications are among their services. 

Small to medium-sized remodeling projects built their collaborative design-build method to give most of the advantages as a significant general contractor, but at a reduced cost. 


HandyMensch Reviews:

handymensch centreville


VKB Kitchen and Bath 


Why go with a low-cost and unreliable contractor when you can go with the best? Their designers and craftsmen are the best in the field. VKB Kitchen and Bath has years of experience specializing in construction, home addition, home remodeling services, and more. 

You can trust them to get every work done well, from adding flair and practicality to your living spaces to installing a new ceiling over your head. For instance, they deliver on time and on budget, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. 

They now even offer virtual appointments for your convenience and safety. 


VKB Kitchen and Bath Reviews:

vkb centreville


Ideal Construction 


Ideal Construction & Remodeling will assist you if you are considering renovating rather than expanding your house. They can also conduct services like bathroom remodels that may entirely transform an area of your home as one of the best remodeling companies in Northern VA.

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For instance, you have the option of moving to a new house or renovating your current one as your family expands and your lifestyle needs change. To most, relocating to a better residence is out of the question. Primarily because purchasing a bigger residence and moving can be a challenge. Instead, you can opt to remodel your home to match your needs and tastes by employing them—a home renovation firm. 

Ideal Construction Reviews:

Ideal Construction top remodeling companies Centreville

Virginia Kitchen and Bath 


Virginia Kitchen and Bath has mastered the art of making its customers happy throughout its 25 years of serving residents in Centreville. They understand that there is no substitute for high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. As a result, they only utilize the best items from the most well-known brands in the world. For instance, they only engage craftsmen who take pride in their work and share their dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

In a field where customers are often unsure who they can trust with their homes, you can rest assured that Virginia Kitchen and Bath stands behind every job with timely, dependable service and one of the best warranties available.

They are known for:

  1. Experienced Teams That Are Dedicated To Delivering Professional Services. 
  2. Insured & Bonded Company. 
  3. Reliable Service. 
  4. Affordable and Efficient. 

Virginia Kitchen and Bath Reviews:

VKB top remodeling companies Centreville

Trust Construction 


Trust Construction is a comprehensive remodeling firm based in Centreville with experience tackling the unique issues of home remodeling. The highly skilled professionals at Trust Construction also have the skills and ability to take your projects from start to finish. They also go above and beyond on every project, making it one of the top remodeling companies in Centreville.

Here are some of the top reviews of Trust Construction to help you make the right decision.


Trust Construction Reviews:

trust construction centreville