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Quintessential Open Kitchen Concept Ideas You Must Try

Quintessential Open Kitchen Concept Ideas You Must Try

Open kitchen concept ideas

Choosing from different open-concept kitchen ideas can be challenging.

It takes the ability to plan a space that coordinates effectively with the living zone, particularly in more modest homes. Smart zoning and a firm enriching approach are generally key variables in setting up an open kitchen. 

Cunning designing and styling thoughts will keep every zone appear separate, however, consistent. Sound muddled? Indeed, dread not, as here are some of our open kitchen concept ideas for the perfect kitchen remodeling project.


#1 Kitchen With Just a Single Wall

For open kitchens, the layout consisting of a single wall with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is recommended. To add on, go with a decent-sized kitchen island with a built-in sink and more storage cabinets. 

Placing an adequate number of bar stools around the kitchen island will allow your entire family and friends to enjoy. If you keep the dining table close to the open kitchen, the lack of a wall between the two will allow the light from the dining area to spill into the kitchen. 

It will also make the kitchen space appear more open and bright.


#2 A Bold Kitchen Island


Open ideas for kitchen
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

A kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet usually established at the center of any kitchen. It’s generally a common addition to any modern kitchen.

You can opt for both readymade options from the market to complement your existing kitchen decor or customize your island to match your preferences.

In the case of modifications, there are tons of customizations possible—for example, the volume of internal storage space, cabinets, stools around the island, etc. Also, you can use your kitchen island to house your kitchen appliances and save some space on the kitchen shelf. 


#3 L-Shaped Open Kitchen

The L-shaped open kitchen idea blends perfectly with the entire home layout and lends a unique look to the kitchen. To make it both practical and functional, you can fuse it with more cabinetry. 

Best of all, an L-shaped open kitchen hides all the otherwise visible appliances to give your kitchen a clean look. You can further fortify the kitchen with a kitchen island and bar stools surrounding it. This will also create a small seating area in the kitchen space itself. 


#4 U-Shaped Kitchen Idea


Open concepts for kitchen
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

The only issue associated with the L-shaped open kitchen concept idea is that it is suitable for only spacious kitchens. If you have a small kitchen space, it may not fit well. In such a case, go for this U-shaped open kitchen. 

It can blend seamlessly with every kitchen size and still accommodate all functional elements like sinks, air extractors, storage cabinets, etc. You can also choose the option of a concealed microwave. 

For instance, the color palette can either be that of the other rooms or pick a distinct color combination for the open-concept kitchen to give it an edgy look. 


#5 Contemporary Open Kitchen

The contemporary open kitchen features ornate detailing that goes very well with the other home spaces and is worth giving a try. The mosaic granite design of the kitchen shelf, kitchen island (if any), pillars, etc., takes your open kitchen to new highs. 

Complement the interior design with hanging lights and matching bar stools for a more urban outlook. Another advantage of a contemporary design is its impressive functionality. 


#6 Open Floor Design

Kitchens with an open floor plan are trending these days, and there are many reasons for this. First, a connected kitchen and dining area allows easy serving. Second, the open kitchen floor design is the best option for parties as the tables/chairs can move depending upon the needs. 

If you want, add a kitchen island such that it doesn’t collide with the triangle and the dining table. It will act as a buffet table for the appetizers.


#7 Corner Open Kitchen


Concept idea for Open kitchen
Photo by Mike Gattorna on Unsplash

A common saying associated with kitchen remodeling is that you need a long stretch of space for setting such a thing. It’s just a myth! Even an open kitchen wrapped up in the corner is your best deal.

Connecting the dining area, a corner open-concept kitchen can blend seamlessly with the home layout and décor. You can even use rugs to separate the flooring instead of regular walls or dividers. 


#8 Note the Natural Lighting

The open kitchen’s main advantage is that you get to enjoy the benefits of natural light from all around. You can set up glass-finish cabinetry on the walls to reflect more light into space to supplement it. 

Keeping the one side of the kitchen open, textured, and translucent glass room dividers on the other two sides will further fortify the room with natural light.


#9 Open Entry to the Kitchen


Ideas for open kitchen concept
Photo by jai hill on Unsplash

If you want to broaden the kitchen’s working space, having a wide archway is the best option. It also allows you to get more access to the rest of the house and adds a traditional touch to your modern kitchen.

You can design the arch so it blends with your kitchen’s décor and is surrounded by artifacts/pots. 


#10 Folding Doors or Windows

If you want more privacy while attending the kitchen, a folding door or window is never a bad idea to execute. You can design your window or door as per your preferences.

However, a door/window made of opaque glass and rimmed with textured wood is everyone’s favorite. It not only checks your privacy but also doesn’t come in between.