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Budget Studio Apartment Remodel Ideas to Spruce Up a Small Space

Budget Studio Apartment Remodel Ideas to Spruce Up a Small Space

Budget studio apartment remodel ideas

If you live in a studio room and are searching for some budget studio apartment remodel ideas, look no further. 

Most people get confused by the term studio apartment. So, let’s understand what a studio apartment is. In simple words, a studio apartment is a self-contained room that accommodates a living room, bedroom, and small kitchen

Its small size doesn’t mean a studio apartment can’t get a modern transformation. In fact, compact living is currently a global trend that will grow further in the coming future. 

More and more people in metropolitan cities are shifting to studio apartments these days. Hence, there arises a need to remodel a small studio apartment into a fully-functional and welcoming home. 

Here are the top budget studio apartment remodel ideas using which you can successfully make the most of every inch of your studio apartment. So, let’s start with the clever remodeling of a studio apartment. 

Use the Volume of Your Sleeping Unit for Extra Storage

Living in a compact studio apartment means issues in choosing storage places. And that’s the main problem in living here. That’s why as a solution, you can remodel your sleeping unit and use its volume as a cabinet for extra storage.

For example, if there is a bed, you can design it so that its volume can act as storage. This will save you a lot of outer space, which you can use for other purposes. 

These days, elevated beds are among the trendy studio remodel ideas. Beneath the elevated bed, you can customize the required storage cabinet or section you want. 

Think About the Trendy Murphy Beds


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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If you’re wondering what a Murphy bed is, here’s its meaning. A Murphy bed is a special type of foldable bed that you can fold and hide in the morning hours or any time when not in use. In a compact studio apartment, using such beds can save you a lot of space. 

Initially, they were a tad expensive as there was less or no demand, but today, they are widely in use and, thus, much more affordable. They are also in trend for standard bedrooms too! The most common Murphy bed models are plain & simple, attached desk or bookcase, etc. 

Hence, keep Murphy beds at the top of your budget studio apartment remodel ideas. 

Install Glass Partitions

As a studio apartment is compact and generally windowed on one side, lighting problems are common. So, if privacy isn’t an issue between you and your roommate, go for a glass partition instead of a solid room divider. 

What this will do is the separation will create the illusion of an extended space. And secondly, allow more light to flow through the entire room. Furthermore, glass partitions blend very well with the other modern budget studio apartment remodel ideas. So, you must give it a thought.

Curtains Over Solid Doors


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Photo by Tycho Atsma on Unsplash

Even sliding doors take up space when installed in a studio apartment. Hence, as a better space-saving option, curtains can replace doors without compromising your privacy.  

It’s the most common addition to a studio apartment. If you’re worried about the light, choose a more translucent material. It will ensure a sufficient amount of light in the room without weighing down the room.

Go for Darker Paints

It is essential to select the right color for your studio apartment. Quite controversial, darker paints are the best you can pick for compact living spaces like your studio apartment. It’s a myth that dark colors make rooms appear smaller, but in reality, dark paints lend the small room or space a more spacious and dynamic look. 

To create a sophisticated studio apartment, go with a dark paint palette, shining metal accents, and reflective surfaces. Furthermore, you should expand the living space vertically rather than horizontally to use and save more space for your studio apartment. 

Tech-Savvy Studio Apartment With Movable “Walls’

Have you ever heard of movable “walls”? Today, technology is providing dynamic solutions to free ample space in small dwellings like a studio apartment. One such solution is installing a movable wall. 

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The most vital advantage of using such walls is that you can host all the essential rooms of a home like a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and much more, followed by more leftover space.  A movable wall involves two segments. 

One is fixed to the apartment’s wall, and the other moves to and fro, hiding and presenting the other features in between. Hence, frankly speaking, a movable wall is a smart solution and worth trying.

Use the Idle Space in Front of the Entrance


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Photo by Di_An_h on Unsplash

Since bachelors are the common residents of micro-apartments, the small space in front of the entrance lies idle most of the time. So, why don’t you use it? With some intelligent thinking and brainstorming, you can develop several options to use up this space. 

One trendy example is setting up bright and stylish furniture in the space and eliminating it from the inside. This will use the space in front of the entrance and save more space inside the main room. If not furniture, think of other zones you can set up there. 

Use the Studio Apartment’s Ceiling for Hanging Stuff

Using the vertical space rather than the horizontal space as it’s the key in a boxy studio apartment. And in such scenarios, making use of the apartment ceiling is a must. So, instead of positioning things on the floor and reducing the foot space, look for alternatives. 

For instance, you can hang everything possible from the ceiling. You can hang artworks, pots, dining tables, and much more easily through some clever investment. Lastly, mirroring the wall or two around these hanging pieces is an excellent way to create an illusion of more volume than it is.

Wooden Room Dividers

To separate the various sections of your studio apartment without eating much of your space, use peek-through wooden dividers. Such dividers will allow you to peek through the adjacent space even without moving the division. This will likewise prevent the room from appearing over-packed. 

Use a Sofa With Wheels and Under Storage Space

Apart from storage-friendly and movable beds, even a sofa on wheels with some storage space underneath is a suitable option. When not in use, move it to the other side and store frequently used items in its storage section.