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Best Remodeling Companies in Roanoke, VA

Best Remodeling Companies in Roanoke, VA

Best Remodeling Companies in Roanoke

Are you looking for the best remodeling company in Roanoke, VA, to give your house the dream look? The search can become a little complicated, attributing to the fact that there are many vendors in the market to choose from. You must look for a company that prioritizes your requirements and provides quality services at your convenience.

The good news is, we have devised a list of the best remodeling companies in the Roanoke, VA region that will help you achieve the kind of renovation you are eyeing for. Keep reading further to find the best match for you.

Kitchen & Bath Shop

Best remodeling company
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Kitchen & Bath Shop is a leading retailer for remodeling and has been in the market for years. They have expertise in the field of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, as well as designing custom spaces and closets to give a beautiful edge to your home.

They believe in providing the customer with satisfactory services through consistent assistance throughout the project. Their service is based on a detailed evaluation of measures and designs, followed by planning and building with qualified experts. 

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Rockfab Kitchen & Bath

Top companies for remodeling
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Rockfab Kitchen & Bath is an A-class building company in the Roanoke, VA region. It provides quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling services at an affordable price. They have many ready-to-install options and offer custom design options to meet the client’s needs.

It has been providing reliable services throughout the years with a team of experts. Therefore, they are considered to be one of the best providers in the market. All the materials are of optimum quality and highly durable.

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Star City Construction

Best companies for remodeling
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Be it a small project or extensive renovation, Star City Construction meets all your needs through a team of expert and licensed contractors. Their services are focused on meeting the client’s needs, and at the same time, they ensure low-cost home updates.

They execute a thorough discussion with the clients before every project to understand the demands. As a result, they are able to provide the best value and alternatives in the given budget. 

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Blue Ridge Restoration & Construction

Top Roanoke remodeling company
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Blue Ridge Restoration & Construction is among the prominent construction companies in Roanoke, VA. They specialize in high-quality roofing services and provide insurance restoration for their customers. Their expertise also covers renovations, kitchen & bath remodeling, and designing other areas like the basement, patios, decks, etc.

A team of professionals backs up the services, and they assure to make ends meet to deliver standardized services to their customers with little money spent. They also prioritize building a relationship with the client throughout the work to understand the needs better.

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Consolidated Construction Services

Best remodeling company
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Consolidated Construction Services is one of the best locally-owned remodeling companies in Roanoke, VA. They have experience spanning over two decades. As a result, the firm ensures providing an optimum customer experience. They possess expertise in the areas of mitigation, restoration, remediation, and remodeling of residential and commercial spaces.

Their services work round the clock, and assistance regarding home decor ideas is available at all times. They give complete focus on doing the projects with high-quality, elegant materials to ensure minimum property damage in the future. All the design requirements are also met at the same time to give the client a beautiful and improved space.

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