How to Remove Cabinet Shelf Clips

Remove Cabinet Shelf Clips

Yes, you can remove cabinet shelf clips on your own easily. Here’s how:

Cabinet shelf clips with locking devices have a bendable, flat flap that prevents the shelves from moving upwards. This makes it more secure than older styled pegs that were devoid of the locking feature. Removing cabinet shelf clips is a simple process, but can be tricky if damaged. If you are looking for how to remove metal shelf clips or how to remove plastic shelf clips, here’s how it’s done. 

How to Remove Cabinet Shelf Clips

  • Open the doors of your cabinet and clear all items placed on your shelves. 
  • You can start from any side of the cabinet shelf. Put your hand underneath the shelf and apply slight pressure to raise it. With the other hand press sideways on the hinged lock of the back clip until it is clear.
  • Repeat the process on the front clip of the shelf. You can now remove the shelf from your cabinet.
  • You can remove the cabinet shelf clips by gently rotating them off the screw until they are loosened. Next, once they are loose enough, pull the clips out.
how to remove cabinet shelf clips
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How to Remove a Broken Cabinet Shelf Clip

  • Cabinet shelf clips often fall off the peg or simply stop operating which requires removal. However, removing a broken cabinet shelf clip is different from taking out a normal one. Here’s how you can do it:
  • Try removing the broken cabinet shelf clip with needle-nose pliers. Chances are that the clips will come off with this simple step. 
  • If using needle-nose pliers does not work, you will have to resort to drills and screws. Fit a 1/16-inch drill bit and drill into the peg. 
  • Next, carefully drive a screw into 1/4th of the peg.
  • Try pulling the peg out of the hand using the screw that isn’t inside the peg. 
  • If the above doesn’t work, switch to using a hammer. 
  • Place a thick piece of cardboard or wood between the hammer’s claw and the cabinet box. Insert the head of the screw into the hammer’s claw. 
  • Pull the hammer using the handle and the screw will come right off removing the broken cabinet shelf clip.

Best Practices to Follow When Installing Cabinet Shelves

Whether it is a DIY project or you’ve hired a contractor, it is quite common to focus on the shelf itself, how it looks, its material, color, and other aesthetic elements. However, people often fail to emphasize shelf brackets, which is a huge mistake. The durability of your shelf brackets, along with the wall material and its anchoring system defines how much load your shelves can endure.

When picking shelves for your pantry or kitchen, it is best to have adjustable shelves as you may have different items and storage needs at different points in time. This is where adjustable shelf brackets come into the picture. 

Removing shelf brackets and reinstalling them can be an unnecessarily time-consuming task and adjustable shelf brackets eliminate just that. With adjustable shelf brackets, you can easily raise or lower shelves according to your storage needs and make room for the contents inside your cabinets.