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Aesthetic Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas For That Exudes A Rustic Vibe

Aesthetic Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas For That Exudes A Rustic Vibe

vintage farmhouse decor ideas

Are you a fan of rustic, vintage aesthetics in your home? The kitchen is an excellent place to start! Check out our most favorite vintage farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas here.

A vintage farmhouse-styled kitchen is warm, welcoming and undeniably soul-calming. Neutral tones and simple elements are the highlights of such kitchens that lead to a sense of peaceful atmosphere and wholesomeness.


If you are looking for vintage farmhouse kitchen ideas for inspiration, here are our favorites

vintage farmhouse kitchen ideas
James Merrell for Vanessa Branson

A rustic farmhouse style kitchen with vintage chairs and table as imagined by the famous entrepreneur, Vanessa Branson. White kitchen backsplash gives a classic touch while the blue and pink give the space a pop of color!

Gridley+Graves Photography

Go creative while choosing elements for your kitchen. This kitchen features elements that we would never imagine as decor items. In fact, the light fixtures are made of farming funnels!

country farmhouse decor
Duanne Simon

What is a farmhouse kitchen without open shelving? Check out this rustic kitchen idea where the owner proudly displays crockery and pottery collection.

country farmhouse decor
Jean Allsop

Another example of a stunning rustic vintage kitchen that houses rescued items explicitly repurposed for the kitchen.

country farmhouse decor
Rikki Snyder

A mix and match of warm colors adds to the beauty of a rustic and charming farmhouse kitchen.

vintage farmhouse decor ideas
Ricardo Labougle

A simple, timeless beauty. Who wouldn’t want this kitchen after all? Classic tile work, leather pendant light and ceiling beam all speak for themselves.

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vintage farmhouse decor ideas
Dylan Thomas

This kitchen radiates rustic charm from inside out! The statement timber pieces make it extra special.

vintage farmhouse decorating ideas
Kelly Marshall

Mixing and matching old elements with new ones is another one of the fantastic vintage rustic kitchen decorating ideas, just like the one above.

vintage farmhouse decorating ideas
Michael Paul/Living Inside

Old cabinets can be excellent decor items, just like this one. An antique apothecary cabinet is given new life as a kitchen island with plenty of workspace and dining area in this kitchen.

vintage farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas
Brian Woodcock

Wood finished walls with classic white backsplash speak for themselves in this kitchen. The kitchen island is definitely the highlight.

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