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Signs That Your Kitchen Needs a Renovation

Signs That Your Kitchen Needs a Renovation


Signs That Your Kitchen Needs a Renovation 


The kitchen is the most used, abused, loved and cared for section of any home. From the time the first coffee is brewed till the time the last dish is cleaned, there is something that is always going on in a kitchen. Different homeowners may have different lifestyles, but it would be safe to say that every kitchen has a lifespan; whether in terms of wear and tear or terms of applications. Sometimes, both of these aspects need urgent attention. That is because a badly-maintained kitchen not only looks bad but also performs badly. As a homeowner, it is also important to remember that no matter how good the rest of the house, if your kitchen is not up to date, it will greatly lower the resale value of the house too. 

But enough about WHY it is important to renovate. You are probably wondering, “How do I know when it’s time?”. Well, there are some clear signs that point to it.   


Sign #1: The Design is Way Past Contemporary 

A word of caution here: we are aware that not every kitchen needs to look straight out of a foodie’s YouTube video. But nonetheless, we advocate for a kitchen that looks fresh. After all, how long can you use “this is a really old kitchen” excuse when your friends ask about the chipping paint? 

Remember, when we refer to a ‘modern kitchen’, we mean that its interiors and functionality are in sync with the demands of a contemporary lifestyle. If your kitchen has a layout that is inconvenient or unpleasant and makes you sigh and not smile in the morning — it is a sure shot sign it’s time to make a change. 


Sign #2: The Appliances are Past Their Best 

How is your telephone from the 90s? Is your TV, which you bought in the early 2000s going great? If the answer to both questions is “No, why would I use such old products?, then clearly you are a person who moves along with the times.  

But why not do the same for the kitchen? Your kitchen appliances have a shelf life just like every other household appliance. Sometimes, they can continue to function after their “peak”, but it’s important to know that old kitchen appliances can severely impact your efficiency along with wasting electricity. A modern refrigerator will use much less electricity than an old one just as a modern oven will be far more efficient than an old burner. Updating appliances is a smart choice as the investment gets repaid in terms of electricity saved. Smart appliances are not just a fad; they improve your efficiency, increase the kitchen and the home’s value and set you on course for the next decade in terms of technological progress.  


Sign #3: The Fundamentals of the Kitchen Have Been Compromised 

 The first two points we mentioned remain, at their core, secondary considerations. After all, an old working refrigerator will still work, even if it gulps electricity. But this factor is the biggest consideration that should make you consider a renovation at the earliest.  

Any issues with flooring, plumbing, fixtures, and electricity occur only after years of usage. For example, a leaking faucet could either be due to a faulty fixture or because of damage to the plumbing. A creaking floor, similarly, could either be due to a broken tile or because of substantial damage to the flooring. If the latter is the case in both situations, you must address it before the situation gets worse. 

Then, there are damages to fixtures due to excess usage to take into account. A cabinet door that creaks and looks like it will fall anytime; a faucet that needs Jedi mind-tricks to stop leaking, and a backsplash that resembles a battlefield more than a kitchen fitting — are all symptoms that your kitchen has slogged it out for way too long. But the good news is that these things are relatively easy to install and can be bought strategically over a period to benefit from periodic sales both online and in stores to save cash. In this case, a partial change can save the day and a complete kitchen makeover may not be required. 

However, there are situations when a full kitchen overhaul or immediate action is inevitable. This is because it might be risky to not take action in these situations.  For instance, if a fuse keeps blowing off time and again and plug points keep getting burnt — you can’t risk bigger problems like a blackout or short-circuiting before you call an electrician; you must do it immediately! Remember, all these issues entail large costs if the problem persists. It is best to renovate your entire kitchen when addressing these issues to ensure a complete end to any potential worries. 


Sign #4: You Are Planning a Property Sale in The Near Future 

As mentioned earlier, a bad-looking kitchen lowers the property value substantially. But this doesn’t mean you update the kitchen just before putting the house on sale. That way, you may not recover all your investments (as the increase in the property’s value may not include all your investments) and worse, not enjoy the pleasures of a well-functioning kitchen. The best approach is to renovate your kitchen at least 2-3 years before selling the property. That way, you get to use the new appliancesenjoy the look, recover some of the investments and still fetch a good price in the property market.  

In the end, a good kitchen will be loved by every buyer no matter what their taste. They will be happy to pay a little extra in return for peace of mind they would derive from a well-functioning kitchen.