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8 Exceptional Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders That Will Transform Your Kitchen

8 Exceptional Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders That Will Transform Your Kitchen

under cabinet paper towel holder

In any busy kitchen, convenience and space-saving solutions are essential. One practical kitchen accessory is an under cabinet paper towel holder. This accessory keeps paper towels within easy reach while saving valuable counter space. In this blog, we will explore the top products available in the market, the benefits of under cabinet towel holders, the different types available, and key considerations for choosing the right one for your kitchen.

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder: Products We Love!

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Why Choose an Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder?


By mounting it under a cabinet, you free up counter space which can be used for other kitchen tasks.


With an under cabinet holder, your paper towels are always within arm’s reach, making it convenient while cooking or cleaning.


These holders help prevent paper towel rolls from becoming unraveled, maintaining a tidier kitchen.

Types of Paper Towel Holders

Under cabinet paper towel holders come in different types to suit various preferences:

Spring-loaded holders

These holders have a spring mechanism that allows you to easily change the roll while keeping it securely in place during use.

Tension arm holders

These holders use a tension arm to provide resistance, enabling you to tear off a paper towel with one hand.

Choosing the Perfect Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Material and design

Choose a material and design that matches your kitchen decor. Common materials include plastic, metal, and wood.

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Ease of installation

Some holders require drilling into the cabinet, while others use adhesive or tension grips. Choose a method that you’re comfortable with and is suitable for your cabinets.


Ensure the holder fits your preferred brand of paper towels. Some holders are adjustable to accommodate different roll sizes.


Opt for a durable holder that can withstand the weight of a paper towel roll and regular pulling and tearing.


An under cabinet paper towel holder is a practical addition to any kitchen, offering convenience, saving space, and promoting neatness. With a variety of types and designs available, there’s a perfect option for every kitchen.