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All About Adding Shelves to Kitchen Cabinets

All About Adding Shelves to Kitchen Cabinets

adding shelves to kitchen cabinets

We added extra shelves to our kitchen cabinet without hiring a professional in a single day!

How did we do it?

With a few hinges, shelves from our local store’s clearance section and a good measuring tape.

While large cabinets add to your kitchen’s aesthetics and are excellent for tall jars, it also leaves wasted space when it comes to vertical storage. You can maximize the space of your already installed kitchen cabinets by adding extra shelves. Here’s how you can do it. 

Materials Required for Adding Shelves to Kitchen Cabinets

how to add shelves to kitchen cabinets
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Measuring Tapes

Measuring tapes will allow you to add new shelves as precisely as possible. 


Extra shelves to add to your kitchen cabinets to maximize space. 

Mounting Pegs

Shelving pegs will hold your shelves together. They are available in various colors and designs at any general hardware store or online.


Ensure you have a drill and drill bits handy to add shelves to your cabinets. 

How to Add Shelves to a Cabinet?

Measure Your Cabinet

Measure the inside of your kitchen cabinet from the bottom to the top and divide it by the number of shelves you want to add. For example, lets say you get a measurement of 48 inches from bottom to top and want to four shelves, which is 12 inches. Also remember that four shelves also includes the base of the cabinet. This means you can add three new shelves at a distance of 12 inches from top top bottom (or bottom to top). 

Make Precise Markings

Using the obtained measurements, make precise markings inside your cabinet in all four corners. For example, make your first marking at 12 inches, 24 inches and 36 inches. 

Measure Again

Using the measuring tape, check the length and width of the cabinet from the inside of the cabinet. These will be the dimensions of your new shelves. 

Cut at the Right Dimensions

Using the above dimensions, cut the shelves at around 1mm shorter so that it has some clearance and is not too tight. 

Drill Holes for the Mounting Pegs

It’s now time to start drilling. Drill a hole at each mark you’ve made inside the cabinet to hold your pegs. Make sure you are drilling only as far as the peg needs to inserted. Be careful to not drill through the entire cabinet casing. 

Insert the Mounting Pegs in the Holes

Insert the mounting pegs in the holes you drilled. If your precision was right, they will fit perfectly. 

Place the Shelf

Now place the shelf on to the four pegs you’ve installed and you are successful in your adding shelves to kitchen cabinets project!

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for a bargain deal for your DIY kitchen shelve project, ask your local hardware store or even kitchen remodeling store for their damaged or clearance section. If you are lucky you can find a perfectly fine shelve at a steal deal!