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Top 10 Cities in Florida: Where Home Values Soar

Top 10 Cities in Florida: Where Home Values Soar

top 10 cities in florida

The Top 10 cities in Florida are witnessing a significant surge in home values, a reflection of the state’s burgeoning real estate market. With a keen eye on trends, Zillow highlights regions experiencing the fastest growth. Particularly, South Florida shines with its robust market dynamics.

top 10 cities in florida
Discover Florida’s real estate gems: the Top 10 cities with soaring home values. Find out where the housing market is most dynamic.

Top 10 Cities in Florida Leading the Charge

City Metro Typical Home Value (February 2024) Year-over-year percentage change (Feb 2023 to Feb 2024)
1. Clewiston Clewiston $240,966 14.1%
2. Westview Miami $432,360 13.7%
3. Opa-locka Miami $446,003 13.2%
4. Gladeview Miami $377,567 13.2%
5. West Little River Miami $405,488 13.1%
6. South Miami Miami $921,008 12.9%
7. Miami Gardens Miami $450,623 12.4%
8. Brownsville Miami $392,202 12.3%
9. Golden Glades Miami $465,034 11.4%
10. Cutler Bay Miami $541,751 11.3%

Zillow reports Clewiston’s home values near Lake Okeechobee rose by 14.1% to $240,966. Nationally, the average home price is up 3.6% to $347,716. Despite potential increases in available homes this spring, buyers might still find the market competitive and costly.

top 10 cities in florida


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The Broader Impact

This trend offers a mixed bag: challenges for prospective buyers but potential gains for existing homeowners. The evolving market underscores the importance of understanding regional dynamics and the factors driving growth across the Top 10 cities in Florida.