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Avoid These DIY Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes for a Seamless Upgrade

Avoid These DIY Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes for a Seamless Upgrade

diy kitchen remodeling mistakes

There’s no denying that a kitchen remodeling project will cause major disruptions in your daily routine, but it can also significantly increase the value of your house. So, how do you keep everybody comfortable when undergoing a kitchen remodel? 

One way to start is to learn how to prevent popular DIY kitchen remodeling mistakes and look for kitchen remodeling ideas that will inspire you to begin your renovation.

Choosing Fragile Materials

It’s easy to be fooled by appearances. Just because something is attractive does not mean it will improve your life. Be sure to use long-lasting products in the kitchen. Limestone is attractive, but it is susceptible to water rings. The marble is easily etched and stained. 

While recycled glass countertops appear to be sleek, they are far more susceptible to chipping and cracking than other alternatives. If you want the look but not the issues, quartz is a great choice for your renovation.

Skimping On Cabinet Space

kitchen cabinet renovation
Photo by Roam In Color on Unsplash

There are a few good reasons to consider reducing the number of cabinets in your kitchen—perhaps you want a window over the sink, or you’re desperate for a minimalist look. However, skimping on kitchen cabinetry is among the more common DIY kitchen remodeling mistakes.

Although avoiding clutter in favor of a more open appearance sounds appealing, where would you place your plates and other food items? Unless you have more than enough cabinet space, never give it up during a renovation.

Buying Low-Grade Appliances

Kitchen renovations are expensive, whether you do it alone or employ a professional, so don’t save money by selecting lower-quality appliances. 

It may mean that you can’t get that super-fancy light fixture you want, but having appliances that are energy-efficient and robust is more crucial than having a decorative art piece.

Poor Work Triangle

kitchen work triangle remodel
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When renovating your kitchen, the number of kitchen cabinets, quality appliances, and sturdy materials are all essential considerations. Unless you integrate it into a functional workspace, you won’t get the most out of your kitchen remodel

Ensure you position the busiest areas of your kitchen, such as the sink, stove, and refrigerator, to allow for a seamless flow for the kitchen work triangle.

Refusing Professional Help

DIYers are tempted to use their expertise and creativity to undertake a kitchen renovation on their own. Isn’t this what do-it-yourself means? However, Expert advice, even for a DIY budget kitchen remodel, is always useful. 

A specialist will assist you, fine-tune your strategy, and provide guidance. This way, you can avoid making unnecessary purchases and save a ton. 

Moreover, if a design consultant is not a part of your budget plan, you can still visit home improvement stores for a free consultation. 

Letting Go Of Your Budget

If unforeseen issues occur during your kitchen remodel, costs can quickly spiral out of control and add to your DIY kitchen remodeling mistakes. When this happens, go over your plans and see if there’s something you can scale back on. If possible, postpone until you’ve saved up enough. 

One way to avoid this issue is by keeping aside 12-20% of your total budget for unforeseen costs. Also, it’s essential to stick to your original estimate; so you don’t regret your pricey kitchen once the renovation is complete.

Choosing Appliances Last

Selecting your kitchen appliances last is one of the most popular kitchen renovation errors. Although it might be more enjoyable to design the cabinet layout and countertops first, always choose your major appliances instead. And then construct the plan around those measurements. 

Imagine, if you order cabinets and then discover that you only have space for a 24-inch-wide oven, you’ll be disappointed. 

Skimping On Storage

DIY kitchen remodeling mistakes storage
Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

You can’t just put boxes together. You need to design storage space to suit items used in key areas leading to better design. 

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There are a plethora of storage options available, including open storage cabinets, shelves, and more. Take into account the remodel’s goal as well. If you choose glass door cabinets for a sleek look, keep the contents as structured and straightforward as possible.

Plan ahead of time and set aside space for anything from spice jars to cutlery-sorting drawers. Despite the desire to keep adding to the list, a fairly accurate index will help you stay on track. It’ll also resist the urge to clutter your brand-new kitchen if you stick to a structured schedule.

Forget Ventilation 

Good ventilation is an essential aspect in any kitchen, particularly one that prepares delectable dishes daily. Cooking, especially on the stovetop, can leave residual odors and can increase your DIY kitchen remodeling mistakes.

If you do not ventilate the area properly, it can then spread throughout the house. Although the aroma of home-cooked food is delightful at the moment, you don’t want it to permeate the rest of the house and ruin the mood.

Invest in a good ventilation system that captures impurities, circulates air, and keeps your kitchen clean in general. Avoid low-cost goods that merely recirculate the flow of air and consume a lot of energy. There’s always a way to keep sound and energy consumption to a minimum.

Not Enough Light

It’s crucial to get the lighting correct in this space for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Preparing food will require more focused, brighter lighting than a kitchen dining area. Not having enough light is among the more common DIY kitchen remodeling mistakes.

Spotlights hidden behind wall cabinets and in the ceiling are still the most common and practical choice. They can be organized by tasks and used with dimmer switches. 

You may also want to think about under-cabinets lighting. Strips running around the base of your cabinet will provide a soft glow that will illuminate your kitchen—perfect for sneaking in for a late-night snack!

Also, try using living-room lighting in areas of the kitchen where family and friends hang. Pendants and table lamps both add a more focal light source to create an ambiance. 

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