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The Best Tile Patterns

The Best Tile Patterns

Boost the aesthetics of your home with the best tile patterns and design layouts of 2022.

Whether it’s a simple layout or a complex one, let unique tile patterns add personal character and appeal to your space.

Here are the best tile patterns to try!

Staggered Brickwork Tile Pattern

tile patterns
Photo by The Tile Shop

Add an industrial vibe to your space with the staggered brick pattern tiles. These also give a handmade tile vibe to your home decor that looks amazing.

Brickwork Vertical Narrow Tile Pattern

tile pattern
Photo by The Tile Shop

Subway tiles go fancy with this layout! Vertically stacked patterns make your walls seem taller making your home look more spacious.

Herringbone Tile Pattern

pattern tile
Photo by Walls and Tiles

Perfect for a bathroom remodel, the herringbone tile pattern adds oomph to your space!

Vertical Offset Tile Pattern

patterned tile
Photo by Topps Tiles

Create an illusion of added height if you have a small space with this vertically stacked offset tile pattern.

Chevron Tile Pattern

patterned tile
Photo by Pinterest

Add a touch of luxury with chevron tile pattern. You can opt for bold mix match of colours or even go for neutral ones.

Grid Tile Pattern

tile patterns floor
Photo by Door Sixteen/Pinterest

Looking for more traditional tile patterns? Classic square tiles in a grid pattern is the perfect choice. Pro tip: Pair it with contrasting grout colour to jazz up your space.

Brickwork Square Tile Pattern

brickwork square tile pattern
Photo by Pinterest

Simple and chic, this evergreen tile pattern is everything you need to spruce up your interiors.

Brickwork Vertical Tile Pattern

brickwork vertical tile pattern
Photo by Livabl/Pinterest

Simple yet elegant square tiles has endless possibilities to add to the aesthetics of your home. Lay it in a vertical tile pattern with contrasting grout and you are good to go!

Diamond Tile Pattern

diamond tile pattern
Photo by DecorPad/Pinterest

Planning for a modern kitchen with a sleek look? The diamond tile pattern works wonders.

Grid Horizontal Tile Pattern

grid horizontal tile pattern
Photo by Robin Winter-Bailey Designs

This clean linear pattern of tiles exudes a minimalistic, grid-like vibe that goes perfectly with midcentury as well as modern interiors.

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Basketweave Tile Pattern

basketweave tile pattern
Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil, Collective Gen/Pinterest

A perfect fit for bathrooms and wet rooms, the basketweave tile pattern will surely grab eyeballs!

Checkerboard Tile Pattern

checkerboard tile pattern
Photo by Fireclay Tile/Pinterest

Who says checkboard tile pattern is for floors only? It looks as amazing as a kitchen backsplash too. Here’s an example!

Alternating Vertical Tile Pattern

alternating vertical tile pattern
Photo by Mike Normandin/Pinterest

Here’s another interesting two tile pattern to have at your home. This layout makes your space seem spacious while giving it an interesting look.

Hopscotch Tile Pattern

Hopscotch Tile Pattern
Photo by Naveen Tile/Pinterest

Add character to your space with the hopscotch tile pattern. Its unique layout emphasizes flow and livens up the space.

Octagon With Dot Tile Pattern

octagon with dot tile pattern
Photo by The Tile Mob/Pinterest

Looking to add a vintage feel to your space? The octagon with dot tile pattern is the perfect fit!

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