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Small Bathroom Remodel Costs

Small Bathroom Remodel Costs

Small bathroom remodel costs

Small bathroom remodel costs are lower than an average remodel, but the project holds great importance for homeowners. That is especially true for people who wish to gain some DIY bathroom remodel experience.

As homeowners, you only have to be informed about specific tools, techniques, and costs. These will help you come up with a budget for an entire small bathroom remodel.

Costs for small bathroom layouts mainly depend upon the dimensions of the bathroom. That, in turn, is inclusive of the standard of material and the tools used. A small bathroom remodel idea will have limited floor space, and the requirement for tools and materials is also less. Still, it can significantly boost the value of your property.

Considering average costs, homeowners can expect a return on investment up to 66% on their bathroom remodel project expenditure. Above all, if you’re looking to sell your property, we recommend spending wisely because you may significantly invest in the remodel project, but the returns may not match your expectations.

Average Small Bathroom Remodel Costs

Starting with the average cost of a small bathroom remodel, the price usually begins from $6,500. Although that is just an estimate, some homeowners can see significant differences between a remodel’s costs. Furthermore, these bathroom remodeling costs can range anywhere from $1,500 up to $15,000 or more.

By these figures, we can assume that the price of a low end remodel project would be around $70 per square foot. On the other hand, the high end remodel project’s cost can be easily around $250 per square foot. 

Considering the measurements of the unit, a small full bathroom measures about 40 square feet. On the other hand, a half bathroom measures 20 feet or less. That will cause a notable variation when you estimate small bathroom remodel costs.

Many homeowners expect to spend an average of $3,000 on fixtures and, in some cases, an additional $100 on labor.

That cost, of course, is calculated per square foot of the remodeling unit. In other words, it is the reason for the most significant difference between small and large bathroom remodeling projects. The material and the labor costs certainly play a crucial part in the entire process of the project.

Cost of Materials


remodel costs of small bathrooms
Image by 영훈 박 from Pixabay

Operating on an estimate is highly recommended, especially the one that includes the entire cost of supplies. Therefore, homeowners must consider the materials that prove to be the most cost-productive.

So, if you are thinking of bathroom flooring ideas such as hardwood or even glass tiles, keep in mind that these can undoubtedly prove to be on the higher side for smaller space.

Nevertheless, on a brighter note, your overall expenditure will be minimal, and the cost will be recovered over a while. According to real estate agents, it is undoubtedly beneficial to invest in your property’s bath and bed segments. That is where the maximum value is harvested for sale.

Even if you consider going with the mosaic tile shower set up, the cost of tearing the existing fixtures will come out to be striking. Needless to mention that the entire process is rather complicated, and you may end up hiring a contractor who knows a way around the problem. Generally, these fixtures have electrical wiring and exposed water pipes.

So, to maintain your plumbing and incur fewer costs, it is wise to call a contractor who can work around your shower. Hence, this entire process will also set you back at least $1,000.

The hardwood floor can alone cost homeowners $5 to $8 per square foot. So, for a small bathroom remodel, the estimated costs remains at $100 to $300. On the other hand, the tiles will be slightly tricky due to the variation in material and price. 

Taking an example of ceramic tiles, they cost about $12 to $23 per square foot. Other installations in the project also start from $140 and can easily climb up to $400.


The range of work for the plumbing of the bathroom incorporates wall cutting for the concealed pipelines. The investment and installation of the buried pipelines are included as well.

The contractor will also fix all the bathroom fixtures and the sanitary ware. That is a crucial step to ensure that all of the plumbing functions are operating smoothly.

If there are faulty lines, you may have to redo the entire bathroom. As you know, that will lead to additional costs for the project. On average, the contract labor and material costs start at $25,000 per bathroom. Moreover, it also depends on the size of the bathroom and the length of the pipelines.



Expenses of a small bathroom remodel
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Tiling, as we mentioned above, is a tricky affair. To start with, we need first to calculate the area of the bathroom floor. That will be helpful when we have to calculate the cost of tiling. Let’s understand this with an example.

Let’s say that the bathroom is 9 feet long and 6 feet wide. The area of the floor tiles will be 54 square feet. After that, we supplement 5% to 10% percent extra. That percentage is kept separate for the tiles, wasted during the tile cutting process, or accidental breakage.

We can measure the tiles on the walls by calculating the perimeter. Once we have this figure, we can multiply each wall’s length with the wall’s height. That will ensure that all the tiles are mounted as per the wall area, from its length to the door’s opening. Hence, the entire cost of tiling the bathroom walls, including flooring, will be about $160 per square foot.

Sanitary Ware

In many bathrooms and especially smaller bathrooms, sanitary ware has the power to light up the entire setting. Not only does it have a diverse selection, but the materials for decent sanitary ware units are easily available in the market. The unit is in the mid-ranges segment, unexpectedly ivory and white.

One of the main highlights of these units is the variety of different toilets. Speaking of the floor-mounted toilets, they start at a shocking price of $7,500 per piece. Wall-mounted toilets can also have a markup cost of $10,000 per piece. Of course, you base that on the bathroom’s size parameters and the type of plumbing in the area.

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In some bathrooms, homeowners also might have to construct a dual wall at an extra cost to modify the concealed flush which comes with these wall-mounted toilets. For people interested in the standard functioning toilets, the costs easily start from $4,000 to $8,000.


Electricals are always something to be serious about. After all, you can blow all the power points on your property with one wrong move. That is why we need to make sure that we do all the work per the building codes. 

Also, electrical wiring should be sans any loose connection. To have a smooth process, homeowners generally hire contractors who can take care of electricals when they remodel their bathrooms.

So, keep in mind that the labor and material costs for even connecting the covered electrical wiring from the switchboard to the other electrical wall can differ between $150 to $200. 

In consideration, these prices are set as per the running foot of the wire. Those are the same wires that are used in the bathroom remodel. What’s more, the cost depends on the density of the wires that you use.

Hence, small bathroom remodel costs also have other electrical costs that include light fixtures, exhaust fan, LED strip lighting for the mirror, switchboards, and hot water geyser. 

Since all the above-stated items are incredibly imperative in the entire process, homeowners should make sure that they are per the size, model, and voltage of the bathroom and the whole house.

Additional Small Bathroom Remodel Costs


how much a small bathroom remodel will cost
Image by Anja from Pixabay

While the above-stated supplies are heavier on expenditure, there are many hidden expenses for a small bathroom remodeling project. For starters, the bathroom countertop price can be enough to cause a dent in their operating budget.

That is especially true when we consider countertops made from materials such as marble and granite—the price range for the same starts at $2,500 per running foot. So, even if your bathroom is small, you can estimate the countertop’s size to be at least 4 feet long.

Considering the countertop’s length, we can now calculate the total price by multiplying the cost per running foot to derive the countertop’s cost. These measurements are enough to raise the budget by 20% of the entire remodeling project. 

Moreover, the physical attributes may be new and modified, but a smaller bathroom will always need tasteful decoration that goes with the newly made changes.

To sum it up, homeowners should at least extend their budgets by a range of 10% to 15% to meet the small bathroom remodel project’s additional needs. That will put them in a comfortable spot while finalizing the small bathroom remodel costs and making strategic decisions.