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Living Room Paint Ideas 2024: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Living Room Paint Ideas 2024: What’s Hot and What’s Not

green living room

The new year is almost here, and the most renowned paint brands have already unveiled their colors of the year. Colors incite feelings and emotions, and using the right ones for our living spaces is essential. Here is our guide to living room paint ideas for 2024. As we tackle these new color trends, we hope you find the right one that echoes your style.

Trend Alert: Living Room Paint Color Ideas You’ll Love This Year

2024 is all about paint colors that make you feel good. Here’s the tea:

Earth is the New Black

We are talking about warm terracotta, cozy beige, and yellow tones. These colors bring a sense of grounded tranquility.

Living Room paint ideas HGTV Sherwin-Williams Persimmon
Living Room paint ideas: HGTV Sherwin-Williams Persimmon
living room paint color Orange room with chair,table,pampas and orange wall background
Terracotta living room color
living room paint color ideas
Glidden’s Limitless living room paint color

Shop similar shades:

Bold Blues

Think deep navy for drama or a pop of cerulean for a bright, airy feel. Blues are making a statement this year, offering serenity and depth.

C2 Paint Color of the Year 2024


paint colors for living room 2024
Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova
living room paint ideas
Krylon’s Bluebird Living room paint color
living room paint color ideas
Valspar’s Renew Blue living room paint color

Shop blue paint color here:

Nature-Inspired Hues

It’s all about the natural vibe with browns, olive, sage, and emerald. It’s such a great way to bring the outside in!

best living room paint colors
Rustoleum’s chocolate cherry paint color for 2024
brown living room paint color
Brown living room accent wall
best living room paint colors
Graham and Brown’s Viridis 2024 paint color of the year
2024 Paint Color Trends featuring Color of the Year, Ironside 422-7DB | Dutch Boy

Shop nature-inspired living room paint colors:

How to Incorporate 2024 Color Paint in the Living Room

Selfie Wall

Bold colors love accent walls! Make a selfie spot in your living room by painting it the bold color that you like!

living room accent wall paint

Mix and Match

Pair earthy tones with plants and bright-colored furniture or decor!

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Experiment with matte, satin, and glossy finishes to add dimension.

What’s Out: Say Goodbye to These Living Room Paint Colors

Overly Bright Neon Colors

No thanks, neon. Those super bright colors are taking a step back. It’s all about subtler colors now.

living room paint colors Colorful background of graffiti painting artwork with bright aerosol strips on metal wall. Old school street art piece made with aerosol spray paint cans. Contemporary youth culture backdrop

Monochromatic Gray

What once was a staple is giving way to warmer neutrals.

monochromatic gray living room color

FAQs About Living Room Paint Ideas

What are the best living room paint colors for small spaces?

Using bold and dark colors in a small space can create an illusion of depth and expansiveness, especially when paired with strategic lighting and minimalistic decor. These colors can draw attention to architectural features and, when combined with reflective surfaces, amplify light to make the room appear larger.

How do I choose a paint color that complements my furniture?

To choose a paint color that complements your furniture, first consider the dominant hues and undertones in your furniture pieces, then select a paint shade that either harmonizes with these tones or offers a pleasing contrast. For a cohesive look, you can also draw color inspiration from accent elements in your furniture, like pillows or patterns, to tie the room together.

Can I mix different paint finishes in the living room?

Absolutely! Combining matte walls with a satin or glossy trim can create a sophisticated contrast.

Wrapping Up

Ready to start your living room paint adventure? Remember, it’s all about colors that make you feel great and suit your style. Go on, get that paint rolling, and transform your space!