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A Guide to 5 Gallon Exterior Paint Coverage

A Guide to 5 Gallon Exterior Paint Coverage

5 Gallon Exterior Paint Coverage

Average 5 Gallon Exterior Paint Coverage

On an average, 5 gallon exterior paint coverage is 1000 sq ft.

To achieve a proper exterior paint job, it’s recommended to apply two coats. Typically, a gallon of paint can cover around 200 square feet of exterior surface. If the surface is primed, you’ll need less paint, allowing coverage of over 400 square feet per gallon. Keep in mind that rough surfaces may reduce the coverage capacity.

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How to Measuure Exterior Paint Coverage?

Painting a room efficiently involves measuring the coverage of 5 gallons of paint to prevent unnecessary waste. Here are some tips to consider:

Wall Height

The height of your walls is a crucial factor in determining the amount of paint needed. Taller walls require more paint, and the use of a ladder may be necessary. Additionally, extending your brush or roller becomes essential for reaching higher portions of the wall.

Textured Wall Painting

When dealing with textured walls, anticipate using more paint than expected due to irregularities expanding the surface area. For walls with unique textures like lockdown, Venetian, or brick, especially at the edges of each brick, consider adding about ⅕ more paint to ensure thorough coverage.

Wall Perimeter

Measure the length of each wall using a reliable tape measure and calculate the perimeter by adding up these measurements. If the wall has an irregular shape, measure the width at both ends and take the average.

Fresh Wall or Recoating

Fresh walls, particularly wood, absorb a significant amount of paint. Using a primer paint as a base layer can save materials. Avoid applying paint directly to untouched walls, as they may absorb most of it. Primers are specifically designed for this purpose and are often more budget-friendly.

Change of Color

If you’re changing the color of your wall, expect to use more paint to cover the existing color thoroughly. Applying at least two layers of paint ensures complete coverage, preventing the old color from showing through.

Paint Quality

Consider the efficiency of different paint brands. While there is a general rule of thumb for coverage, paint quality matters. High-quality paint may be more expensive but is more efficient, requiring less volume for coverage. On the other hand, low-quality paint is cheaper but may need to be applied in thicker layers to achieve adequate coverage. Choose a paint that aligns with your budget and the surface area you need to cover.

5 Gallon Exterior Paint Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

How much exterior paint do I need for a 1500 square foot house?

The amount of exterior paint needed depends on factors like the number of coats, surface texture, and color change. On average, one gallon covers about 200-400 square feet. For a 1500 square foot house, you may require approximately 4-8 gallons for a single coat, and it’s advisable to apply two coats for optimal durability and appearance.

Will 5 gallons paint a whole house?

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It’s possible that 5 gallons could cover a whole house, but this depends on the factors mentioned earlier. If the surface is primed, the texture is smooth, and there’s no significant color change, 5 gallons might be sufficient for a smaller house. However, for a 1500 square foot house, you may need more than 5 gallons, especially if applying two coats.

How far does 1 gallon of exterior paint go?

On average, 1 gallon of exterior paint covers about 200-400 square feet for a single coat. Factors such as surface texture and color change can affect coverage. If the surface is primed, you may achieve coverage on the higher end of the range. Keep in mind that applying two coats is often recommended for better results, so adjust your estimate accordingly.

How much exterior paint is required for a 2000 sq ft house?

The amount of exterior paint needed for a 2000 sq ft house varies based on factors like surface texture, the number of coats, and color change. On average, plan for approximately 5-10 gallons for a single coat and 10-20 gallons for two coats, which is often recommended for better coverage and durability.