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15 Paint Colors of the Year 2024: Which Color is Your Best Pick?

15 Paint Colors of the Year 2024: Which Color is Your Best Pick?

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Around fall, top paint brands and design experts predict the colors that will splash the walls of homes for the following year. Color of the Year season is in full swing for 2024, and paint companies have already unveiled their 2024 paint colors of the year.

Last year, companies predicted reds like magenta, raspberry, rose, and blush for 2023. Take a look at this ongoing compilation of what’s hot in 2024. Blue is definitely having its moment, but other bold shades made the cut, too.

2024 Paint Colors of the Year

Upward by Sherwin-Williams

paint color of the year 2024
Upward | Sherwin-Williams

The color shown here, known as Upward by Sherwin-Williams, is a soft and subtle blue with a soothing undertone. It evokes the feeling of a clear sky on a bright, calm day. This hue pairs well with natural elements and light wood finishes, providing a fresh and airy feel to the space.

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

colors of the year 2024
Blue Nova | Benjamin Moore

The color depicted, Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore, is a rich and deep blue that conveys a sense of sophistication and focus. It has a certain vibrancy that can energize a space while maintaining an air of composed elegance. This shade is versatile, working well in a study or office to create a backdrop that promotes concentration and clarity.

Thermal by C2 Paint

paint colors of the year 2024
C2 Paints

Thermal is a refreshing and airy blue that carries the serenity of a clear sky into any space. It’s a vibrant yet soothing hue that pairs effortlessly with both modern and traditional decor. The color is light enough to make small spaces appear larger while providing a crisp, clean backdrop that enhances natural light.

Renew by Valspar

paint color of 2024
Valspar Renew

Renew is a soft, pastel blue that exudes a gentle and calming atmosphere. It’s reminiscent of the early morning sky, offering a sense of freshness and new beginnings. This color is ideal for creating a serene retreat in any room, promoting relaxation and tranquility.

Bay Blue by Minwax

colors of the year 2024 paint color
Minwax Bay Blue

This blue paint color is a rich and robust hue that resembles the depths of the ocean. Known as Bay Blue, it brings a sense of sophistication and depth to the space. The color is dynamic yet comforting, perfect for creating a statement wall or a cozy nook.

Bluebird by Krylon

coty 2024

This blue paint color is a vibrant and bold shade reminiscent of a bluebird’s plumage. It’s a statement color that adds a playful and dynamic energy to any room. The hue is perfect for accent pieces or feature walls, where it can bring a lively splash of color to a modern and fresh interior design.

Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards

coty 2024 dunn edwards

This blue paint color is a muted, dusky blue that exudes a calm and collected aura. Called Skipping Stones, it’s reminiscent of a tranquil lakeside at dusk, providing a soothing backdrop for relaxation. Its understated elegance makes it versatile for both modern and traditional decors, creating a serene and sophisticated space.

Cracked Pepper by Behr

coty 2024 paint color of the year
Cracked Pepper

Cracked Pepper is a nuanced soft black that offers a modern and sleek look. It provides a dramatic backdrop that can make furnishings and décor items stand out. This versatile color brings an intimate and cozy atmosphere to the room while still maintaining a sense of spaciousness and style.

Limitless by Glidden

paint color of the year 2024
Glidden’s Limitless

This color is a warm honey color that radiates a cozy, inviting ambiance. It’s reminiscent of golden hour sunlight, casting a soft, nurturing glow that can make any space feel more welcoming. This versatile hue pairs beautifully with a variety of textures and materials, creating a harmonious balance that feels both grounded and uplifting.

Viridis by Graham & Brown

paint colors of the year
Graham & Brown

Viridis is a muted green shade that brings a touch of nature’s tranquility indoors. It has an earthy, organic feel, perfect for creating a serene and restful environment. This sophisticated color is reminiscent of moss and leaves, offering a subtle yet impactful presence that can rejuvenate any space.

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Ironside by Dutch Boy Paints

coty 2024 paint
Dutch Boy Paints

Ironside by Dutch Boy Paints is a rich, deep olive green that exudes a sense of stability and grounding. It’s a sophisticated color that brings warmth and depth to a space, perfect for creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. This hue is versatile enough to be a bold statement or a neutral backdrop, complementing both contemporary and traditional styles.

Persimmon by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

persimmon paint color of the year 2024

Persimmon provides a contemporary twist on traditional neutrals, infusing the room with a cozy yet fresh ambiance. Persimmon is versatile, complementing both light and dark furnishings, and it works beautifully to create an inviting, cheerful space.

Chocolate Cherry by Rustoleum

best living room paint colors
Rustoleum’s chocolate cherry paint color for 2024

The paint color showcased is a rich, deep brown called Chocolate Cherry. It has a luxurious warmth to it, reminiscent of dark wood or a bar of sumptuous dark chocolate. This color adds depth and elegance to a room, creating a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere that is both welcoming and refined.

Mushroom by Miller Paint

paint coty 2024

The neutral paint color Mushroom is an adaptable and organic shade that brings the understated warmth of nature indoors. It’s a complex hue that interplays with light, revealing subtle hints of reddish-brown and greenish-gray, transforming throughout the day. This earthy color provides a soothing backdrop that is both sophisticated and versatile, perfect for any space that calls for a touch of natural elegance.

Sweet Embrace by Dulux

dulux coty 2024 paint colors
Sweet Embrace

The walls are painted in Dulux’s Sweet Embrace, a gentle pink hue that exudes warmth and softness. This delicate color has a soothing quality, making any room feel more intimate and comforting. The understated elegance of Sweet Embrace offers a modern touch that’s versatile enough to complement both minimalist and richly decorated spaces.

Wrapping Up

So those are the paint colors of the year we know so far. Continue watching this space as we will keep updating as more companies unveil their 2024 It colors!