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Home Repairs You Can Do it Yourself And Save Money Easily

Home Repairs You Can Do it Yourself And Save Money Easily

home repairs do it yourself

It might often feel that some repairs are out of your league. However, there are many home repairs you can do it yourself and save a lot of money in the process. 

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, professional labor can be one of the expensive parts of a home remodel. While many people opt to save some money by doing much of the work themselves, not everyone possesses the necessary skills to fix their homes. 

Further, attempting a DIY project without careful preparation and complete knowledge could actually result in expenses that can far exceed the cost of a licensed contractor

Even if you have the experience of doing it yourself, it is essential to consider the time, materials, tools, and permits needed for your remodeling project. 


Fixing a Leaking Kitchen or Bathroom Pipe


pipe home repairs do it yourself
Photo by La Miko from Pexels

Fixing a drain pipe can be simply tightening a slip-nut near the P-trap. Further, if the leak is directly from a hole in the drainpipe, it is one of the easiest home repairs you can do it yourself by coupling those hose clamps.

However, if the leak is from a drain pipe inside the wall, consider calling a professional plumber. 


Securing a Loose Floorboard


With time the flexing of floorboards can loosen nails, so try driving them in deeper with a set of nails. In case the board is bowed, use stainless steel screws instead of nails and cover the leads using wood filler.

Moreover, moistening the wood will make it easier to screw down. Also, screwing is a good way to fix boards over cable. Nevertheless, before you begin work, always check that there are no pipes or electrical cables beneath the flooring


Replacing a Failed Wall Fixing


Masonry fixings usually fail because the hole and plug are too big for the screw. Therefore, to always match the size of the drill bit, wall plug, and screw. 

Also, ensure the hold is deep enough. If your drill does not have a depth gauge, use a piece of masking on the bit for marking the length of the plug, plus 6mm.


Repair a Door 


Repairing a door is one of the most straightforward home repairs you can do it yourself. Wet weather can cause the wood to swell and doors to bind or stick. Of course, painted doors are better protected, but natural wood can be varnished or oiled for weatherproofing.

You need to identify a swollen area by rubbing wax along the edge of the door and opening it a few times. You can use coarse glasspaper to smooth areas. Doors that need brute force to open or close require fixing sooner rather than later to prevent joints from weakening or the handle to shear off. 

With the door open, check a stone hasn’t jammed the frame. Also, inspect hinges and tighten screws. Finally, lubricate with a few oil drops to ease movement. 


Painting the Exterior of Your House


painting a home
Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Painting the exterior of your house is a great job. Most houses require all of the trim, soffits, rake boards, and, depending on the type of house, all of the sidings as well.

This needs extensive use of ladders at heights and sometimes climbing up the roof. Homeowners willing to do it themselves need to consider safety requirements before tackling an exterior job. 


Fixing a Clogged Garbage Disposal


You can clear a clogged garbage disposal by using a small wrench that fits into a hexagonal opening on the underside of the disposal. But make sure the disposal is turned off. If this method doesn’t clear the stoppage, you may want to call a professional.


Tightening Loose Knobs and Handles


Some knobs are fastened into the wood, and regular use can make them loose and enlarge the hole. Push wood filler into the hole or tap with a dowel dipped in wood glue.

Metal handles usually have a small rod that goes through the wood, secured using a nut. At last, tighten with a spanner. Tightening loose knobs and handles is a fairly easy job, and you can definitely do it yourself. 

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Replacing a Faucet


A center set faucet is a great do-it-yourself kind of job. You just need to follow the faucet manufacturer’s installation instructions. On the other hand, a wide-spread type of faucet with several hose connections on the underside would be best handled by a professional. 


Fixing a Drawer 


First of all, check nothing has fallen or become lodged down at the back of the drawer. Especially the runners or the undersides of the drawer can become rough.

Further check that nails are not protruding, then smooth with abrasive paper and rub a candle stub along surfaces. At last, use a spirit level to check the drawer is sitting straight and, if necessary, even up the slider with cardboard. 


Unclog a Blocked Shower Drain


If water doesn’t drain away in your bathroom shower, take action before it becomes a total blockage. In case there is a trap, lift it out and clear away debris.

Either way, find a piece of wire, bend over the end to form a hook, and pull out the blockage. Finally, use a plunger until the water flows freely. 


Installing a Light Fixture


home lighting repair
Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Electrical repairs and installations are expensive, but they are also easy home decor changes. Taking a little time to understand your electrical system can give you the necessary skills you need to take on some electrical projects and are among the top home repairs you can do it yourself. 

When installing a light fixture, low-voltage projects can be safely performed as they are less likely to cause structural or bodily harm. However, if you don’t feel confident about it, feel free to call in a professional. 


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