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Front Porch Design Ideas That Will Instantly Increase The Curb Appeal

Front Porch Design Ideas That Will Instantly Increase The Curb Appeal

front porch design ideas

You may be busy dreaming about your living room or bedroom remodel ideas, but what about front porch design ideas? This particular space is an extension of your house and needs your attention as well. A front porch used to be a staple of just about every home. However, as home designs evolved and people moved into the suburbs, the front porch has been replaced by the back deck or patio. 

Further, people don’t spend as much time as they used to sit out on the front porch just relaxing. On the other hand, some people still use the front porch, but most are built just for decoration or as an architectural detail. But whatever the purpose of making one, a front porch can be a beautiful and functional part of the home. 

Keeping that in mind, we have put together the best front porch design ideas for your home. 


Front Porch Design Ideas: What Should You Consider?


When you’re thinking of a porch home addition, begin by thinking about how you intend to use it. An open porch usually consists of a roof installed onto the exterior of your house. It offers shelter and storage, but little in the way of weather protection. 

A wholly enclosed structure is a mini extension to the front of your property. Further, it offers aesthetic impact and you can insulate, glaze or heat it to create additional functional space in your house. 

Insetting a porch within the layout of your home, although can hinder the floor space. Before making any final decision, you should consider all home addition pros and cons. A large enclosed front porch design on a modest home will look out of place, for instance.


When Should You Choose a Canopy Porch Design?


A canopy porch is ideal for you if you are limited on space at the front of your property and want some protection from the elements while still applying some attractive front porch design ideas. 

Designed to sit nearly above a door, a canopy porch offers the simplest and most cost-effective alternative to a heavier-looking design. Besides, options include scoop and arch canopy designs, with optional side supports usually made from durable galvanized steel. Moreover, then can often be adapted to accommodate architectural features. 


Choosing Materials for Your Front Porch


The materials needed to build your porch depend on the design for the most part. However, it will also depend on the existing layout and construction guidelines.

Although enclosed designs tend to require brick or stonework, the most common materials for open porch design ideas include timber. Similarly, you can also use aluminum and steel. If you want to go for a rustic or country-style design, you can choose aluminum.

While green oak is lovely for traditional designs, cedar looks great for contemporary porches. A strong wood with high moisture content, green oak will grow cracks as it shrinks and dries to a shimmering shade – all part of the charm. However, if you want a painted finish, pre-treated softwood is adequate. 


Match the Front Porch Design to the Style of the House


front porch design ideas style
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

If you are wondering about front porch design ideas, it is essential to ensure the porch you choose is sympathetic to your property, especially if your home is close to other houses. 

Generally, this will involve using the same materials, although contrasts can work well in some cases. For instance, a timer porch set against stone walls with an aged flagstone floor can be a magical addition to a country farmhouse. 

However, keep in mind that the porch roof must reflect the style of that on the house, with a visual break between the porch ridge and the first-floor windowsill. Besides, thatched roofs can look charming when scaled down to porch size. 


Add Character to The Roof


Attention to details on the brackets, posts, and sides can make for a unique finish. Similarly, incorporating architectural features is an intelligent way to ensure a stylish porch that is consistent with the look of a period property. 

For instance, you can find process and porticos with classical-style architrave and columns commonly in Georgian houses. You also need to think about color. For instance, a brightly painted front door will work great with a complimentary shade on your front porch structure or a natural finish. 

Eventually, you need to take care of the flooring. You can run traditional floor tiles suitable for exterior use from the porch across the threshold and into the hallway without worrying about damage from the cold weather.


Do You Need a New Front Door?


new front door design
Photo by Heather Stewart on Unsplash

You will not necessarily need a new front door immediately when you install a front porch. Generally, with an enclosed design, you can move the existing front door to the exterior face of the porch and install a new interior door to create a draught lobby. 

Moreover, it might be possible to incorporate glazed side panels into veranda-style porches. It is a clever way of counteracting heavy timer designs. Further, these protect the front door while still allowing natural light to stream through. 


Permissions to Add a Porch


Usually, you can build a front porch without planning permission. However, it should not exceed a certain area or height and doesn’t restrict a sidewalk or highway.

You need to check with your local planning department before you begin. It is all the more important if your property is in a historical conservation area. 


Front Porch Foundation


You may require foundations, depending on the design and the ground for your front porch design ideas. For instance, you will need to consider soil conditions, whether the ground is sloped, and the combined weight of the frame and roofing materials.

Your home remodeling contractor near you will probably offer the correct advice based on your circumstances. 


Can a Front Porch Affect My Property’s Value?


front porch resale value
Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

A well-designed and professionally finished porch can add significant appeal to a property, making it more practical, stylish, and desirable. All these factors contribute to a property’s value, and it is often considered that a beautiful front porch will make a future sale more likely.