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35 Deck Skirting Ideas You’ll Love

35 Deck Skirting Ideas You’ll Love

Deck Skirting

An attractive deck can increase the curb appeal of your home while also adding to its resale value. Besides, what’s not to like about a well-wrought deck with a functional design? People often think of decor aesthetics to enhance the look of their deck. However, decor is not the only answer. Another clever way to jazz up your deck is by incorporating the right deck skirting ideas.

Skirting lets you cover up the empty space under your deck. This is especially useful if there are utility connections underneath the deck space that might look messy. There are various ways and styles of skirting that can conveniently close off the bottom of your shed. 

Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas That Aren’t Heavy On The Pocket

If you are looking for inexpensive skirting ideas for deck go for materials such as vinyl boards, wood slats and scrap wood. These materials aren’t just affordable but also highly durable at the same time.

Another one of the inexpensive skirting ideas for deck is to install narrower slats instead of wider slats. This is an affordable option that also adds to the look of your deck.

Check Out Some Of The Most Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas Recommended By Top Architects And Designers

Modern Slat

deck skirting ideas
Nesting With Grace

These horizontal slats visually elongate the deck and is a great fit for homes with both traditional and contemporary setups.

Lattice Work

deck skirting ideas

The intricate patterns on this lattice skirting lends an aesthetic touch to the entire structure of the house. It is pleasing to the eyes and easy to install as well. 

Stone Inlay

deck skirting ideas
Honest Abe Log Homes

We bet it’s difficult to take one’s eyes off a stone-covered deck skirting. If you like custom designs, this one’s a hit. 

Galvanized Tin

deck skirting ideas
Arbor Fence, Inc.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive deck skirting idea, go with galvanized tin. It’s much cheaper than most other materials and would look beneath a backyard deck. 

Decorative Rock Panels

deck skirting ideas
Armadillo Decking

Just like stone, rock panels will lend a natural yet classy touch to your deck’s bottom.

With Access Doors

skirting ideas for deck
Christopher Morris

Skirting ideas for deck with an access door is particularly helpful if you have utilities running underneath. The access door allows you to inspect the connections from time to time. 

Rustic Cedar

skirting ideas for deck

A cedar deck skirt is highly durable and sturdy. Besides, it’s not something that’d go out of style. 

Millboard Deck Skirt

skirting ideas for deck
London Decking Company

Want to add a modern twist to your front porch? Try skirting your deck in a millboard and watch how it adds to your home improvement

Metal Fence

skirting ideas for deck
Fence and Deck Supply

This metal fence is one of the best skirting ideas for deck. It looks elegant and provides a cleaner look to the surroundings. 

Plank It Up

skirting ideas for deck
Next Luxury

One of the easiest and most inexpensive deck skirting ideas is to cover up the bottom of your shed in wooden planks. The underneath area is protected from natural elements and can work as a storage space. 

Deck Drawers

inexpensive deck skirting ideas
The Define Bottle Show

Here’s a clever way to optimize the functionality of your under-deck space. Add drawers to store items and also cover the underneath area. 

Artsy Stencils

inexpensive deck skirting ideas
Next Luxury

Nothing can go with these stencils around your deck. The most recommended patterns include floral, paisley, and mandala stencils. 

Black Lattice

inexpensive deck skirting ideas
Decor Home Ideas

What’s better than a white lattice? Black lattice! You can pick from different patterns of your choice. 

Combination Skirting

inexpensive deck skirting ideas
Plasticine House

You may combine two types of skirting to create a contrast and a custom design for your porch or deck. 

Horizontal Bars

inexpensive deck skirting ideas

A simple and inexpensive deck skirting idea is to encase the exposed area in elongated bars like these. 

Faux Bricks 

deck skirt ideas
Faux Stone Depot

Faux bricks stacked neatly in rows around your deck can give off a charming look to the exteriors of your home. 

Concrete Skirting

deck skirt ideas

While going after artsy styles of deck skirting, don’t forget that concrete can provide a sturdy build. 

Olive Planks

deck skirt ideas

Just because you’re skirting your deck doesn’t mean you’d limit yourself to only black and white. Go for something eye-catchy and uncommon like this olive shade. 

Venetian Vents

deck skirt ideas
Phoenix PVC Rails

The natural stone poles combined with these elegant Venetian vents can turn any structure into a work of art. 

White Skirt

deck skirt ideas
Lyla & Logan Boutique

The white planks surrounding the deck of this country home exude an old-world charm. 

Modern Deck Skirting

deck skirting
G. Christianson Construction, Inc.

Modern styled deck skirting to conceal the framing and create a dry storage area for the homeowners

Traditional Deck Skirting

deck skirting ideas
Coralite Woodworks LLC

A traditional styled deck skirting exuding class and elegance.

Horizontal Deck Board

deck skirting
Decor Home Ideas

Horizontal deck boards in earthy tone can bring in a minimalistic yet stylish vibe to your deck.

Ornamental Panels

deck skirting
Timber Tech

Accentuate your home outdoor look with decorative panels. Perfect for an outdoor home remodel.

Landscape Lining

Timber Tech

Hide the underside of your deck with landscape lining, a smart way to incorporate green skirting.

Skirting with Stairs

skirting with stairs
Timber Tech

Add functionality with a touch of style, opt for skirting with stairs for the optimum home outdoor look.

Faux Stones

faux stone skirting
Decor Home Ideas

If natural stones are too much of an expense, opt for faux stones. This affordable option is a treat to your eyes and home.

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Cedar Deck Skirting

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