Best Toilet for Small Bathroom: Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Spaces

Best Toilet for Small Bathroom

The perfect bathroom design strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality. So, when considering the best toilet for small bathroom spaces, homeowners often face a dilemma: What kind of toilet should I use in a small bathroom? In this article, we explore some innovative, space-saving toilet options that can transform your compact bathroom into a stylish, functional oasis.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

A wall-mounted toilet is an excellent choice for small bathrooms. With its concealed tank and floating design, this type of toilet frees up floor space, making your bathroom appear larger. Some benefits of wall-mounted toilets include:

  • Easy cleaning: No crevices between the toilet and floor
  • Customizable height: Mount the toilet at the most comfortable height for you
  • Sleek design: Minimalist look that complements modern bathroom styles

Corner Toilets

If you’re looking to maximize space in a tiny bathroom, a corner toilet might be the best toilet for your small bathroom. These toilets are designed to fit snugly into a corner, making the most of the available space. Key advantages of corner toilets include:

  • Space-saving design: Ideal for tight spaces or awkwardly shaped bathrooms
  • Easy installation: No need to modify existing plumbing
  • Wide range of styles: From traditional to contemporary designs

Compact Elongated Toilets

Compact elongated toilets offer the comfort of an elongated bowl without taking up too much space. These toilets combine the best of both worlds: a comfortable seating area and a space-saving design. Consider a compact elongated toilet for your small bathroom because:

  • It provides the same comfort as a standard elongated toilet
  • It occupies less space than a traditional elongated toilet
  • Many models come with water-saving features

Integrated Toilet and Sink

An integrated toilet and sink unit can be the best toilet for small bathroom spaces. This all-in-one solution combines a toilet, sink, and vanity into a single unit, saving space and creating a cohesive look. Reasons to choose an integrated toilet and sink include:

  • Efficient use of space: Combines multiple bathroom fixtures into one
  • Consistent design: Matching fixtures create a harmonious aesthetic
  • Reduced plumbing requirements: Shared water supply and drainage


Finding the best toilet for small bathroom spaces doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can create a comfortable and stylish bathroom with wall-mounted, corner, compact elongated, or integrated toilet and sink options. Improve your small bathroom with these space-saving solutions!