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The Ultimate Guide to Toilets for Small Bathrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Toilets for Small Bathrooms

toilets for small bathrooms

When it comes to finding toilets for small bathrooms, homeowners often wonder what kind of toilet they should use, and what the smallest size for a toilet is. Fear not! This article will explore some of the best compact toilet options to maximize space and functionality in your tiny bathroom sanctuary.

Wall-Hung Toilets: Sleek and Space-Saving

Small bathrooms benefit from wall-hung toilets. These sleek, contemporary fixtures are mounted to the wall, giving the illusion of wider floor space and making cleaning a breeze. For compact rooms, wall-hung toilets that are 22 inches deep are perfect.

Corner Toilets: Clever Use of Unused Space

Corner toilets are great for small bathrooms. These corner-fitted toilets maximize space. They are ideal for small bathrooms due to their compact size with only 24-inch depth.

Short Projection Toilets: Big Functionality in a Small Package

Short projection toilets are designed with a reduced depth, allowing them to fit comfortably in tight spaces. These toilets typically have a depth of around 25 inches, making them an excellent space-saving option. The reduced depth does not compromise functionality, as short projection toilets still provide a comfortable and efficient flushing system.

One-Piece Toilets: Modern Style Meets Minimalism

When it comes to small bathrooms, one-piece toilets offer a stylish and minimalistic solution. With only 26 inches in depth, these toilets have a single bowl and tank, saving space. The seamless construction of one-piece toilets makes cleaning easy.

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Tankless Toilets: Innovative Design for Tiny Bathrooms

Tankless toilets are an innovative option, eliminating the need for a bulky tank. These toilets use a high-pressure valve to flush directly from the water supply, saving valuable space. With a depth of around 20 inches, tankless toilets are among the smallest options available, making them ideal for tiny bathrooms.

The Perfect Toilet for Your Small Bathroom Awaits

In summary, there are plenty of toilets for small bathrooms available to suit your needs. From wall-hung and corner toilets to short projection, one-piece, and tankless options, these compact designs will help maximize space and style in your tiny bathroom. Remember to consider your specific needs, preferences, and available space when choosing the perfect toilet for your small bathroom.