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omaha eviction
Omaha’s Public Housing Residents Encounter Increased Evictions, Sometimes Over Minor Debts

Omaha’s public housing residents encounter increased evictions, sometimes over minor Debts. Against the backdrop of

housing market 2024
Housing Market 2024: Prediction of the Hottest Cities in the US

This year witnessed a decline in home sales due to soaring housing prices and mortgage

helical piers
The Ultimate Guide to Helical Piers for Foundation repair

What are Helical Piers? Helical piers serve as foundation support systems comprising steel shafts with

Houston Housing market
2023 Houston Housing: Insights, Forecasts, and Trends

Houston, known for its dynamic real estate landscape, has seen both highs and lows in

Delaware Housing Market
2023 Delaware Housing Market

Delaware’s real estate landscape has taken a notable turn. Statistics show a 0.14% decline in

DC Housing Market
2023 Washington, D.C’s Housing Market

Washington, D.C., a city known for its rich culture and historical significance, boasts 67 distinctive

San Jose Affordable Housing
$26 million Support for San Jose’s Affordable Housing Developer: A Comprehensive Analysis

Financial Support Amidst Concerns In recent months, San Jose has channeled upwards of $26 million

housing market record high
Housing Market Hits Record High: $47 Trillion Total Value

A Remarkable Recovery June marked a historic month for the U.S. housing market as it

Million-dollar homes
The Rise of the Million-Dollar Home

Curious about which towns and cities have the most houses worth over a million bucks?

Mortgage credit availability
Mortgage Credit Squeeze: Decade-Low Availability and its Implications

July’s mortgage landscape witnessed a distinct tightening, a scenario that harks back to figures seen