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10 Transformative Wall Molding Types to Elevate Your Home’s Charm Now

10 Transformative Wall Molding Types to Elevate Your Home’s Charm Now

wall molding types Modern living room with elegant decor and comfortable sofa

Wall molding, an elegant interior design element, is making a comeback in today’s modern homes. It can transform plain simple walls into stunning features. We’re diving into different wall molding types and ideas to jazz up your space. Ready?


Applied Wall Molding

Applied wall molding is simply that–a molding applied to the wall. You just slap these moldings onto your walls, creating cool patterns, and boom–instant upgrade! You can go for thick for drama, or keep it subtle with thin moldings. Check out these applied wall molding kits:


Board and Batten

Board and batten might sound foreign and fancy, but it is actually pretty simple. Vertical plywood sheets attached to walls with battens covering the joints, these panels create a clean, streamlined look. Perfect if you are into that minimalist or farmhouse look.

board and batten wall molding ideas
Board and batten wall molding | Mama and More Pinterest


wall moulding types
Pink board and batten wall molding ideas | Nikki’s Plate

Raised Panel Molding

If you aim for a bolder, classical look, consider raised panel molding. It is like giving your walls a 3D effect. It is made of panels protruding from the surrounding framework to create that three-dimensional treatment.

raised panel wall molding type
Double raised panel wall molding type | Rogue Engineer

Beadboard and Shiplap

For rustic-style lovers, beadboard and shiplap are your BFFs! They are like the jeans and t-shirts of wall moldings–casual, comfy, and always in style. The beadboard features a row of narrow wood planks lined up vertically. Between each wood plank is a little ridge or indentation, known as a bead. Shiplap consists of long, horizontal planks of wood, stacked on top of each other to cover walls or ceilings. Each plank overlaps the one below it, thanks to a groove cut into the top or bottom.

shiplap wall molding ideas
Shiplap Accent Wall | Decoist


beadboard wall molding ideas
Tall beadboard wall molding type | Love and Renovations

Chair Rails

Back in the day, they were there to save your walls from chair scratches. Now, they are all about adding character about 3 to 4 feet off the flooring. Chair rails are often accompanied by wainscoting for added protection.

chair rail wall molding ideas
Chair rails formal dining room | The Spruce

Picture Rails

Picture rails are similar to chair rails, except they are placed nearer the ceiling instead of the floor. Their primary purpose is to provide a way to hang photos, artwork, or other decor without putting nails directly into the wall. This is especially useful in homes with plaster walls, where driving nails can cause damage. It’s a win-win– you don’t need to drill, your walls stay hole-free, and you get to play art curator whenever you want!

wall molding types
Picture rails wall molding type | Architecture Digest

Crown Molding

Crown molding lives where your wall kisses the ceiling, adding a touch of elegance. Crown molding comes in many different styles–from simple to ornate designs. It makes a space look taller and more polished.

unfinished plaster molding on the ceiling and columns. decorative gypsum finish. plasterboard and painting works
Wall molding type: Crown molding


Casings, used around doors and windows, cover up the awkward gap between walls and openings. They come in styles ranging from simple Ranch to classical Colonial. Adding little details such as casings can really pull a room together.

Door casing wall molding
Door casing wall molding


Wainscoting is kind of like wall armor, but pretty. These are panels that add serious style below your chair or picture rails. They are great for insulation and protecting your walls. And, let’s be honest–they just look really fancy.

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Picture-Frame Molding

Adding picture-frame moldings is like giving your walls a formal dress code. This wall molding type creates an elegant, framed look on the lower half of your walls. They are usually placed below the chair rail.

wall molding ideas
Picture frame molding | Southern Hospitality


beautiful bold blue living room with picture frame molding
Picture frame wall molding type

Wall Molding Ideas We Love!

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wall molding typesWall Molding Types FAQs

What are the best wall molding types for modern homes?

Modern homes will look best in cleaner lines found in styles like applied wall molding or board and batten.

Can wall molding be mixed with different paint colors?

Of course! Contrasting colors, complementary colors, monochromatic colors–they work well! Play around with colors to make those moldings pop or blend in. Your call!

Is it challenging to install molding?

It is different with each molding type. The easiest, most DIY-friendly one is the beadboard.

Classic interior wall with mouldings. Floor parquet herringbone.

There you have it – a whirlwind tour of wall molding types. Whether you’re going for simple and sleek or detailed and dramatic, there’s a molding style out there that’s just right for your space. Get creative, mix and match, and let your walls do the talking!