12 Edge Moulding Trim Recommendations: The Designer’s Choice

edge molding

There is no shortage of finishing touches when it comes to your home’s interior design. The myriad of options include wainscoting, crown molding, wood trimming on walls, and more! In this article, we will talk about edge moulding trim. This finishing treatment offers seamless transitions, a polished look, and a touch that says “high-end.”

Trailer Tip: Using Flexible Trim Moulding

Edge Moulding Trim Products We Recommend

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Bringing Spaces to Life with Edge Moulding Trim

Here are spaces where you can use edge molding:

In Homes

Frame those doorways, accentuate your windows, or give your kitchen cabinets a facelift. Use edge trim molding to protect yourself and your family from sharp edges, like corners of walls or glass panels.

In Commercial Spaces

Businesses need to look their best. Whether it’s a retail store or an office, edge moulding adds a polished look.


Don’t forget the exteriors. Edge molding is not just for the indoors. Use it to add finesse to your decks or patios.

Why Edge Trim Molding is a Game-Changer

edge moulding trim


It’s all about the aesthetics. It elevates the look of any room. Helps you make your home Instagrammable! 


Edge moulding promises longevity as they are made from materials like wood, MDF, or PVC. They are built to last!

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Design Flexibility

From rustic wood edge trim to the sleek lines of simple edge molding, the possibilities are endless.


What materials are used in edge moulding trim?

Edge moldings are typically made from wood, composite, or plastic, offering a range of finishes and durability levels.

Can edge molding trim be used outdoors?

Absolutely! Choose weather-resistant materials like composite for outdoor use.

How to choose the right edge molding trim?

Think about your space. For the outdoors, prioritize durability. Indoors? Let your style guide you. And always, always consider the overall design them.