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Slow Rental Pace of New Apartments Since 2020

Slow Rental Pace of New Apartments Since 2020

Slow Rental Pace of New Apartments Since 2020

A slow rental pace of new apartments has become a notable trend in 2024. According to a recent analysis by Redfin, only 47% of newly constructed apartments completed in the fourth quarter were rented within three months. This is a significant drop from 60% a year earlier, marking the lowest absorption rate since the pandemic’s onset in 2020.

Data from Redfin

Factors Contributing to the Slow Rental Pace

One major factor is the surge in new apartment constructions. In the fourth quarter alone, 90,260 new apartments were completed, the highest number recorded apart from the second quarter of 2023. This increased supply has created intense competition among building owners, limiting their ability to raise rental prices.

Slow Rental Pace of New Apartments Since 2020

Impact on Rental Prices

Newly built studios and one-bedroom apartments have seen substantial rent declines due to the increased supply. Specifically, studio rents fell by 20.9%, and one-bedroom rents dropped by 11.9% year over year. However, larger units, such as three-bedroom apartments, experienced a rent increase of 9.1%, indicating a higher demand for more spacious accommodations.

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Economic Implications

The median U.S. apartment asking rent increased by 0.8% year over year as of May 2024, reaching the highest level since October 2022. This indicates that while the pace of new rentals has slowed, overall rental prices remain high, driven by strong demand from those unable to afford home purchases.

The slow rental pace of new apartments highlights a significant shift in the rental market dynamics in 2024. With an oversupply of new units and competitive pricing pressures, renters may find more negotiating power in certain markets. However, overall rent affordability remains a challenge for many.