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Decline in Home Prices: Anticipating a Shift in 2024

Decline in Home Prices: Anticipating a Shift in 2024

home prices fall in 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, the real estate market presents a complex picture. The key phrase at the forefront of every prospective buyer and seller’s mind is the decline in home prices. Current data reveals a national median list price of $411,000, only marginally up from $400,000 in early 2023. This article delves into expert predictions, exploring the potential for home prices to fall in 2024.


Mortgage rates, home prices should fall in 2024: Economist

Market Dynamics

The latest trends hint at impending shifts in the housing sector. A notable 7.5% annual escalation in housing stock by November implies intensifying rivalry amongst vendors, potentially leading to a dip in prices. Moreover, the Federal Reserve’s hiatus in escalating interest rates is cultivating hope among purchasers, who are vigilantly monitoring mortgage rates for advantageous alterations.

home prices fall in 2024
Recent trends suggest a potential decrease in housing prices due to increasing supply and stable interest rates.

Expert Insights on Decline in Home Prices

Diverse viewpoints are shared by numerous market experts. Ellen Zentner, a prominent economist with Morgan Stanley, anticipates a marginal downturn in prices for 2024, attributing this to enhanced affordability and increased construction ventures. projects a 1.7% reduction in housing costs, driven by recalibrations in pricing correlating with financing expenses. Aaron Gordon of Guild Mortgage envisages a slight contraction in prices, ascribed to elements such as augmented supply and the maturing population.

decline in home prices
Market experts predict a slight decline in housing prices in 2024 due to factors like improved affordability, increased construction, and changing demographics.

Contrasting Views

There isn’t a unanimous consensus on a downward trend. Doug McCoy at Indiana University contends that prices could remain high or even ascend, considering aspects such as scarce supply and escalating costs of construction. Sam Sharp at Guaranteed Rate acknowledges that although certain regions could witness price falls, other areas, influenced by localized economic conditions, might see an upswing in property values.

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decline in home prices
Experts disagree on a housing price drop, with some predicting continued high prices due to limited supply and rising construction costs, while others expect regional variations.

Staying Informed

The real estate market is dynamic, making it crucial for interested parties to stay informed. Monitor key indicators such as housing inventory, new construction, and economic conditions, as these can significantly impact home prices. Mortgage rates, despite potential declines in home prices, are expected to remain high.

When could home prices fall in 2024? Here's what experts think.


As we approach 2024, the decline in home prices remains a topic of debate among experts. While some predict a modest drop, others foresee stability or an increase. For potential buyers and sellers, keeping an eye on market trends and expert projections will be key to making informed decisions in a fluctuating market.