The Quillen Construction Group Story: Transforming Challenges into Triumphs Since 2012

Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

The Home Atlas 2024Quillen Construction Group is one of the top remodeling companies in Louisiana, known for its resilience and innovation. We had the pleasure of speaking with Anthony Quillen, the driving force behind this successful business, to learn more about the incredible journey that started in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

“Our goal is not only to assist the community during disasters but also to empower them with the knowledge to prevent catastrophic damage.” -Anthony Quillen

Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group
Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

The Beginnings of Quillen Construction Group

Anthony Quillen’s journey began in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a period marked by personal and professional upheaval. “A few days after Hurricane Katrina, I lost my job,” he recalls. With a family to support, Quillen found himself at a crossroads. Fate intervened when he met roofing contractors seeking extra hands for storm-related jobs.

Despite having no prior experience, Quillen accepted the work out of necessity. Surprisingly, he discovered a passion for construction, relishing the satisfaction of meeting customers’ needs.

Driven by this newfound calling, Quillen pursued apprenticeships, honing his skills under seasoned professionals. In 2012, he founded Quillen Remodeling, LLC, focusing on historic renovations in New Orleans. As his business grew, so did his ambitions. In 2016, he expanded into new construction, establishing Quillen Construction Group, LLC.

By 2020, Quillen launched Quillen Restoration and Construction, LLC, specializing in water mitigation. This year, the company further diversified with Quillen Commercial Construction, LLC. “Excited for the future, we’re eager to explore new opportunities for growth,” Quillen says.

Quillen Construction Group taking abreak and posing for a group photo
Image from Quillen Construction Group Website

Going Above and Beyond for Clients

Quillen Construction Group‘s commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. The company often goes the extra mile, working late hours and weekends to meet clients’ needs. “We’ve frequently accommodated last-minute appointments and more,” Quillen notes.

Their dedication extends to community involvement as well. As an executive board member of the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, Quillen has forged meaningful connections with fellow members, collaborating on regional projects and organizing community outreach initiatives such as hurricane preparedness seminars. “Our goal is not only to assist the community during disasters but also to empower them with the knowledge to prevent catastrophic damage,” he explains.

Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group
Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

Tackling Challenging Projects

One of Quillen Construction Group’s most challenging projects took place off City Park Avenue, involving a substantial expansion of exterior walls, roofs, and balconies. This ambitious project, which spanned eight months, required enclosing two side balconies and a porch, integrating them into the house’s overall square footage.

Moreover, the team conducted a complete interior gut and remodel, alongside a comprehensive exterior renovation.

Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group
City Park Avenue Project | Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

Despite the house not being in a historic district, the client desired a New Orleans ambiance, prompting adherence to historical design guidelines. The project was a testament to Quillen Construction Group’s expertise and dedication.

Staying Ahead with Innovation

Quillen Construction Group stays competitive by embracing innovative technologies. “We’ve adopted satellite imagery for roofing assessments, drone footage for comprehensive job visualization, and Matterport technology for project mapping,” Quillen explains.

Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group
Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

Staying attuned to design trends, the company regularly updates its inventory of cabinets and countertops to reflect the most sought-after colors and materials in the market. This proactive approach ensures they meet clients’ evolving preferences.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

Quillen Construction Group fosters a culture of excellence, support, and accountability. “Although we operate as a family business, we challenge each other to perform at our best,” Quillen shares. The close-knit dynamic ensures collaboration and effective problem-solving, contributing to the company’s overall success.

This culture encourages employees to strive for excellence while providing the necessary support and constructive feedback.

Quillen Construction Group
Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Quillen Construction Group prioritizes work-life balance through various company activities, including team lunches, weekend crawfish boils, and collective vacations. “Our most recent endeavor was a company cruise in April, providing us with an opportunity to unwind and strengthen our camaraderie,” Quillen says.

This commitment to balance is vital in safeguarding against burnout and fostering a tight-knit community among employees.

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Ensuring Clear Communication

Clear communication is a cornerstone of Quillen Construction Group’s client satisfaction strategy. The company keeps clients informed daily about project progress through their CRM system, which maintains an up-to-date schedule accessible to clients at any time.

Before starting any project, multiple meetings are held to align expectations and ensure mutual satisfaction. Moreover, thorough punch list walkthroughs with the project manager and client ensure all completed work meets expectations.

Quillen Construction Group
Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

Exciting Future Developments

Quillen Construction Group is excited about their upcoming venture under the new LLC, Quillen Commercial Construction. “With several projects already in the pipeline, we’re eager to dive in and make our mark,” Quillen says. This expansion opens up exciting opportunities for the company.

Additionally, there are ambitious plans to further develop the kitchen and bath departments, with announcements expected soon.

Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group
Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

Building Trust with Clients and Partners

Transparency is key to Quillen Construction Group’s approach to building trust. “Our estimates are meticulously detailed, providing customers with comprehensive insight into the costs of their projects,” Quillen explains.

The company minimizes change orders by conducting thorough reviews before starting any work, ensuring all aspects are accounted for upfront. If issues arise, they are resolved promptly with continuous client communication to explore viable solutions together.

Quillen Construction Group
Photo c/o Quillen Construction Group

Advice for Aspiring Construction Professionals

For aspiring construction entrepreneurs, Quillen emphasizes the importance of investing in a reliable crew. “While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest labor to boost profits, this often results in subpar workmanship,” he advises. Establishing a skilled and experienced team minimizes potential issues and ensures high-quality outcomes.

Additionally, having a comprehensive contract in place is essential. “Contracts serve to protect both our company and our customers by clearly outlining agreed-upon terms and expectations,” Quillen says. This practice safeguards against misunderstandings and ensures that all parties receive the agreed-upon services.