7 Best Winter Kitchen Updates You Must Take Care Of

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The festive season is on the horizon, promising joy and a sprinkle of holiday magic through cheerful decorations. However, if you find yourself playing host, the prospect can be a bit overwhelming. To add a touch of excitement to your home before the arrival of family and friends, consider these easy yet fantastic winter kitchen updates.

Winter Kitchen Updates to Tackle Before the Festive Season

Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets

paint kitchen cabinets

The speediest and most budget-friendly way to make a big impact on your kitchen—while leaving your guests in awe—is to paint kitchen cabinets. With less than a $100 investment, you can transform the entire atmosphere of your kitchen over a single weekend.

Begin by clearing out the cabinets, taking off doors and shelves, and removing all the hardware. Afterward, clean the cabinets and doors with soap and water, then lightly sand them using 220-grit sandpaper to ensure optimal paint adhesion.

Now, safeguard the surfaces you want to keep paint-free with drop cloths and masking tape. It’s painting time!

Opt for oil or 100% acrylic paint for superior adhesion and a long-lasting finish. For a contemporary touch, go bold with a vibrant color for the lower cabinets and stick to a neutral shade for the upper cabinets.

Organize, Organize, Organize

kitchen organization

A tidy home is a joyful home.

Dedicate a couple of hours to arrange your kitchen cabinets and drawers just the way you like. Once everything is in its designated spot, employ a label maker to mark each section. Consider using chalk labels for easy adjustments.

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Add Functional Lighting

under cabinet lighting

Illuminate and contemporize your kitchen effortlessly with above-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting. The beauty of it all? Installing cabinet lighting has never been simpler. Affordable LED strips, known for their longevity, easily connect for a hassle-free setup.

Utilize an existing outlet or opt for a discreetly placed outlet installed by an electrician to hide those wires.

The cherry on top? Most LED strips offer a spectrum of colors, granting you full command over the ambiance in your kitchen. Some intelligent LEDs even sync up with your music, turning your space into the ultimate holiday dance party.

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Update Kitchen Faucets

kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet, often an underestimated centerpiece in the culinary domain, tends to be lackluster in builder-grade setups. Break free from the mundane by investing in a high-end faucet to inject some flair into your kitchen.

A deluxe faucet may come with a price tag ranging from $250 to $400 and requires just one to two hours for installation.

Start by examining the number of holes your faucet uses beneath the sink—options range from one to three holes. Turn off the water using the shut-off valves under the sink and use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the hoses. Proceed to remove the mounting nut(s) securing the faucet to the counter, and gently pull the faucet out.

Reverse the process to install the new, upgraded faucet.

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Add a Few USB Ports

Are you tired of hunting down USB wall adapters? Having a USB outlet in the kitchen proves incredibly handy, especially when you and your sous chef are browsing recipes on your phones.

The good news is, these ports usually cost around $20 to $30 each and can be installed in about ten minutes. Consider adding one to two USB outlets strategically placed in your kitchen.

Add an Accent Wall to Your Kitchen

accent wallElevate the style of your kitchen with an accent wall that injects a burst of color and enhances its personality. Opt for a vibrant shade like soft pink or a bold tone like charcoal gray.

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Alternatively, experiment with decorative removable wallpaper, offering the advantage of easy removal without causing damage to the drywall when it’s time for a change.

For a more challenging but rewarding option, consider installing a tile or brick accent wall. While it may be a pricier choice, the end results are well worth the investment.

Don’t forget to adorn the wall with accessories such as picture frames, art pieces, vases, shelves, plants, or other splashes of color to complete the look.

Invest in Pendant Lights

kitchen pendant lights

Consider pendant lights as the kitchen’s jewelry, capable of enhancing the overall aesthetics, especially when positioned over islands, sinks, or tables. If you’re swapping out existing kitchen lighting, a stylish pendant light will typically range from $100 to $200.

The installation process is relatively straightforward. Start by turning off the power at the breaker and removing the decorative cover. Since light fixtures vary, inspect yours to identify how the cover is secured.

Once the cover is off, you’ll see the mounting screws and wires. Remove the mounting screws and have a partner support the fixture while you disconnect the wire nuts and untwist the wires.

Most light fixtures include unique mounting brackets, new wire nuts, and installation instructions. Follow the provided instructions to successfully complete the project.

However, if you don’t have existing lighting, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a professional electrician. The installation of new pendant lighting may cost around $300 to $500 per fixture.

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