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Florida Home Prices Decline in 2024

Florida Home Prices Decline in 2024

The Florida home prices decline has become a significant trend in the real estate market, affecting multiple cities across the state. With a growing inventory and increasing buyer leverage, several cities are witnessing substantial price reductions. This article explores the factors contributing to this decline, the cities most impacted, and the broader implications for the Florida housing market.

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Miami, Florida

The Current State of the Florida Housing Market

Florida has long been known for its vibrant real estate market, often characterized by rapid price increases and high demand. However, recent data indicates a shift. Eight of the top ten cities in the U.S. where homes are selling for significantly below the asking price are in Florida. Cities like Naples, West Palm Beach, Punta Gorda, Miami, Sebastian, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral, and North Port have seen sellers accepting considerable price cuts to close deals.

Factors Contributing to Florida Home Prices Decline

Several factors are driving the Florida home prices decline. One of the primary reasons is the increased inventory. More homes on the market mean buyers have more options and can afford to be choosier, negotiating lower prices. Additionally, mortgage rates hovering around 7% have deterred some buyers, reducing demand and prompting sellers to lower prices to attract interest.

Impacted Cities


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In May, homes in Naples sold for an average of 4.8% below the list price, the largest disparity in the nation. The median list price was $675,000, while the median sale price was $699,000.

West Palm Beach

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Here, homes sold for an average of 4.51% below the list price, with a median list price of $519,000 and a median sale price of $515,000.

Punta Gorda

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This city saw homes selling for 4.14% below the list price, with median list and sale prices at $379,800 and $350,000, respectively.

Other cities like Miami, Sebastian, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral, and North Port have also experienced similar trends, with sellers accepting significant price cuts to complete transactions.

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Broader Implications for the Market

The Florida home prices decline is part of a larger trend seen across the state. According to Federal Reserve Economic Data, the median listing price of a home in Florida was $450,000 in June, down from $478,500 a year earlier. This decrease represents the lowest home value in Florida in over two years.

Real estate experts predict this trend will continue as inventory grows. Nick Gerli, CEO and Founder of Reventure Consulting, suggests that the increasing supply is a sign of a major selloff, indicating that prices are likely to drop further in the second half of 2024.

The Florida home prices decline marks a significant shift in the state’s real estate market. With increased inventory, high mortgage rates, and growing buyer leverage, prices are expected to continue falling. This trend offers opportunities for buyers to secure better deals but poses challenges for sellers aiming to maximize their returns. As the market evolves, staying informed about these changes is crucial for anyone involved in Florida’s real estate sector.